Texas Bigfoot Communications TRS #1

Houston, Texas

This system was previously known as the Cougar Communications TRS.

Many channels that were formerly used in this system are now part of a different Texas Bigfoot LTR system.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 3 Allen Center
License: WPKV614

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  461.225   (channel appears to be dead)
09  461.975   (channel appears to be dead)
10  462.275   (confirmed still in use as of 26-Aug-2011)
11  452.375   (channel appears to be dead)
12  464.075   (confirmed still showing as free channel as of 26-Aug-2011)
15  462.25    (channel appears to be dead)
16  464.125   (channel appears to be dead)
17  464.25    (channel appears to be dead)
20  464.4     (channel appears to be dead)

0-10-001 he'll bring us payment tomorrow, come on back, if there's no one around then lock the gate
0-10-003 universal u-joints, 2 seals, $180.85
0-10-005 courier service
0-10-006 ambulance service - dispatch you can public service my partner's cell phone, that's clear 5303, i'm taking the abdominal pain that's still holding, still have a patient in the ER waiting for a ride at sugarland ER going to methodist, any other transfers pending out of emergency rooms
0-10-007 is there one in the warehouse, 1 pallet, it's on a different truck, put it in the warehouse
0-10-009 auto repossessors? put some gas in it, did you go down there because i'll hit it tomorrow, this is the truck calling the office, you'll be hooking up cars with one hand, red leader, fox, go ahead, i make sure it still work, may i speak to joe moreno
0-10-010 data bursts
0-10-013 ambulance service
0-10-015 wrecker service
0-10-016 wrecker service?
0-10-017 wrecker service - limo on fannin, test test test, freeway is clear, ship channel bridge probably going to call any segment, {3/14/2013} key-up
0-10-018 wrecker service? - head-on with a fucking wrecker, at least we made it, supposed to be right in here at the stop sign, asking for a call back, thought it was behind me, found him, back up here in the back part, i hope they don't think they're going to screw us out of this, {1/20/2013} key-ups
0-10-019 wrecker service
0-10-022 exterminator - i know that's going to put you into overtime, i'll call her between 5 and 6, chiropractic or angels this week, just angels, weren't able to schedule, that was my 4 o'clock, which customer is next, we did a partial [something] job in '01, base to K1, re-treat in the back needs spider treatment, still people in the workshop i won't be able to do it today, he's who i talk to when i come to do the service, are they still needing service twice a month, we'll do them again in two weeks and we should be good, can he do an installation on his way down from pearland on monday, $1,197.26 + tax, WDI in the account, customer number 19623, that WDI on stilts i'm going to adjust that down to no charge
0-10-247 AMR Ambulance
0-10-250 Radio Maintenance - changes IDs back to 12 please
0-10-253 key-ups
0-12-002 wrecker service
0-12-005 {1/8/2011} key-up
0-12-050 construction
0-12-064 key-ups
0-12-250 Radio Maintenance - {1/3/2013} key-up
0-12-253 tone