Texas Bigfoot Communications TRS #2

Houston, Texas

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 3 Allen Center?

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  451.325  WPKV614
02  451.675  WPKV614
03  452.0    WPKV614
04  452.25   WPKV614  confirmed LCN 04, assumed in this system
06  461.025  WQDH784
08  461.35   WQDH784
09  461.6    WPKV614
10  461.725  WQDH784
15  463.425  WPKV614
19  464.175  WQDH784

0-01-001 their maintenance guy is going to do it do we need to fax them an invoice for a trip charge, spanish, {11/12/2011} radio check on the radio here at the yard, {1/18/2014} go with it, at the end of the street on a trailer, take the barrel reamer off, hold tight until i see mud, you want the mud, 
0-01-002 open mic, voice
0-01-003 wrecker service
0-01-005 courier service
0-01-006 {11/20/2010} voice, 301 207 come in, {1/12/2011} voice, {3/25/2011} chief of houston security patrol, 301 304 come in
0-01-050 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, starter, bypass the store, part
0-01-052 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, did you go to 429 yet, bring it back if he doesn't want to pay for it, he says i'm the only driver that does this, trying to get over to deliver the gasket, professional body shop
0-01-053 auto parts delivery - brake shoes, take them to just brakes
0-01-054 auto parts delivery - write down the part number, for pearland tire, the warehouse, "O'Reilly's"
0-01-055 auto parts delivery
0-01-056 auto parts delivery - gasket, they won't sign for it
0-01-057 auto parts delivery - northwest auto, fuel filter, i'll get it setup, i'm at the freeway and 1960
0-01-058 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, do you have a compressor with you, customer didn't want the parts so i'm coming back with parts not money
0-01-060 auto parts delivery - {4/1/2011} go to the warehosue and pickup 2 rack and pinions and when you deliver them tell me which one they want and i'll tell you how much it costs
0-01-061 auto parts delivery - {3/12/2011} voice, {4/30/2011} about to turn into bell protector, {7/5/2011} come to the warehouse, {8/6/2011} you have to come back, {8/20/2011} leaving the warehouse, subtract a hundred dollars
0-01-063 auto parts delivery - {4/14/2012} just dropped off at firestone, {8/4/2012} go to the warehouse i'm going to order 2 things and i need them ASAP, guy has been here twice but we didn't have the parts, dropped off air filter, taylor tire
0-01-064 auto parts delivery - {2/26/2011} key-up, {3/5/2011} the invoice, he handed me the air filter, pick-up the yellow invoice, {3/26/2011} i can only go so fast i'm not going to get a speeding ticket, cash sale, credit card, going to count down my drawer, {4/1/2011} voice, {4/2/2011} pickup, two piece hose, just the small hose
0-01-065 auto parts delivery - {3/26/2011} voice, swap out the shocks, going back to the store
0-01-078 ambulance service
0-01-203 {1/18/2014} key-up
0-01-204 {1/18/2014} testing
0-01-206 {1/18/2014} key-up
0-01-250 {1/11/2013} key-up
0-02-003 {1/20/2013} key-up
0-02-051 you want to bring him a calendar
0-02-052 {4/10/2017} voice, {1/27/2018} voice
0-02-053 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} are they open, wanda auto parts, just bring it back, {1/18/2016} spanish/english, have it in the truck, back to the store, {4/8/2017} spanish/english
0-02-054 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} spanish, {4/8/2017} voice, spanish, the store, {4/10/2017} spanish
0-02-056 auto parts delivery - {1/18/2016} brake components, oil, drop off the oil, {4/8/2017} rotor, in friendswood yet, pickup
0-02-058 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} voice, {1/18/2016} the store, texaco, med center texaco, {4/8/2017} drop off montrose shell
0-02-059 {1/16/2016} x-pro got the wrong invoice
0-02-060 auto parts delivery? - {1/18/2016} go the store and pickup a starter, {6/24/2017} going to run out of gas, {1/27/2018} voice
0-02-062 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} spanish/english, going back to store, {1/18/2016} spanish, {2/27/2016} spanish, {4/8/2017} pump warranty, spanish, store, parts, texas oil
0-02-063 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} spanish/english, come into the store and pay for everything at once, the gasket, {1/18/2016} spanish/english, pickup a rental tool, ordered a battery booster bring it back to store, power steering pump
0-02-064 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} another delivery, {1/18/2016} orange antifreeze, air filter ticket, spark plug, ignition
0-02-066 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} spanish, {1/18/2016} spanish, {4/8/2017} spanish, store
0-02-067 auto parts delivery - {1/18/2016} voice, {4/12/2017} pickup a cylinder, ticket for it, {1/27/2018} pickup at euro garage
0-02-068 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} coming back to the store, wrong part anyway, {1/18/2016} total for the parts, the core, {4/12/2017} run the other deliveries, {6/24/2017} voice, {10/6/2018} tire
0-02-069 auto parts delivery - {4/8/2017} in the parking lot, he needs a set of pads, i'll come get them, {4/10/2017} take the pig tail, he just paid for it
0-02-070 {1/3/2013} no voice
0-02-075 auto parts delivery? - {6/24/2017} spanish, ticket, 5 quarts castrol, delivery, {1/6/2018} spanish, the store, 
0-02-085 auto parts delivery? - {3/10/2018} voice
0-02-086 auto parts delivery? - {4/20/2018} brief voice, {10/6/2018} voice, oil, i'll go back, {10/5/2019} it had a long arm, we'd have to order it, so he could put it back in the truck, he still wants it
0-02-101 {1/18/2016} , {6/24/2017} key-ups, garbled voice
0-02-102 {7/24/2010} they got scaffold polls up, {10/11/2012} open mic, {1/4/2013} no voice, {1/18/2013} key-up, {6/24/2017} key-ups
0-02-103 {1/21/2013} key-up, {3/11/2013} key-up, {10/3/2015} key-up, {6/24/2017} key-ups
0-02-105 crane - {7/24/2010} voice, {6/24/2017} cable up cable up right there, swing to your left
0-02-106 {7/24/2010} garbled/broken voice
0-02-200 Houston Marathon 2013 - "Race Main" {1/11/2013} stuck mic, {1/12/2013} radio room, vehicles on lamar, no wheelchairs in the 5K over, 10-4 at the finish line, i talked to your bicycle riders, waiting for police to close the course, finish line ready to go, john stone in the UCC, HPD is closing the course now, medical stations setup water stations setup, course is clear austin to mcgowen, course is completely closed, we are staying on Race Main we're not switching to another channel, {1/13/2013} roll call on race main, can i get all the sector captains to go back to sector open radio channel please
0-02-200 Bayou City Classic 2013 - {3/8/2013} 3 4 5, {3/9/2013} radio check, manny, pace car, start line, on the course to setup the mile markers and the banners, stan, i'm doing a radio check to see what channel we're on we're on Champ Bayou Bend 1, melissa, need megaphone at the start, travis, bob, t-shirt tent
0-02-200 {3/12/2013} key-ups
0-02-200 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/19/2014} women's full mile 15 1 hour 22 minutes 40 seconds the leader is..., open mic
0-02-201 Houston Marathon 2013 - Sector Captains {1/12/2013} mike root, radio check, tom doug and reed, you've got the van you can start to pick some up, {1/13/2013} no power, someone putting up fences, pace signs, milemarker setup, don't see any cones here need help getting this blocked off, sector 1 cones, sag vehicles, we've got walkers from half marathon still on street, where do you want the metro buses, sergeant bailey, UCC to wade, any more rain today, dispatched fourth bus, cheryl palmer, sector 5, sag wagons and metro bus inbound, sector 4
0-02-201 {1/18/2014} voice
0-02-201 Bayou City Classic 2013? - {3/8/2013} radio service 1 2 3 4 5
0-02-202 Houston Marathon 2013 - {1/12/2013} key-ups
0-02-202 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/19/2014} open mic
0-02-203 Houston Marathon 2013 - {1/11/2013} bill i know you can hear me now, {1/12/2013} this is bill testing 1 2, we're clear no cars parked in the road, {1/13/2013} turn around, testing testing, we'll move out on the streets in a little bit, 
0-02-203 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/18/2014} guys sitting in front of the finish line, HPD to chevron personnel, {1/19/2014} police officers stopping the racers for to let people cross over i'm telling my supervisor that's a negative we do not stop the racers but i'm not sure who is in charge of the officers, make that stop ashley is on her way there runners have priority, michael this is phillip
0-02-204 Houston Marathon 2013 - Supplies {1/8/2013} key-ups, {1/12/2013} voice, {1/13/2013} on the freeway, anybody else on the channel if you're setting up along the course vehicles stay off the grass, i'm at mile 15 now, stan this is ron, rob this is wayne, when can you get by the warehouse to escort a truck, pods go back empty, we got 5 equipment trucks, center corps guys are the GRB, ron morgan, wayne this is dustin, should i load the gatorcade and trash cans, bob chandler water station 14, sweeping the road to get trash up, we'll pick them all up and head towards the warehouse, wayne hassell
0-02-205 Houston Marathon 2013 - Start/Finish {1/11/2013} go ahead bill, i'm sitting here with the mayor detail, on lamar, in front of the grove, security at the finish line, i have a question from chevron, {1/12/2013} chevron is going to have to reposition the bathrooms so the fence has to be moved, battery run, i'll get your battery, dianne, need skirts on the discovery green side of the finish line to cover the tank, these barricades need to be sandbagged they're blowing around, we're still waiting for the barrels, picking up cones on la branch, {1/13/2013} starting line, leave it under the marathon VIP stage, where would you like the cannon, patti kelly, just want to let you know i'm back on start/finish, half side or full side, ready to move cones, shutting down finish line at 6 hour 24 minutes
0-02-205 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/18/2014} voice, regular unleaded, {1/19/2014} we're not stopping the race so they can cross, the police officers over here are stopping the runners, let me get with the head of security, redeployment on your gate
0-02-206 Houston Marathon 2013 - {1/4/2013} key-up, {1/13/2013} key-ups
0-02-206 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/19/2014} women's full leader is still the same
0-02-207 Houston Marathon 2013 - Security? {1/4/2013} key-up, {1/12/2013} key-up, {1/13/2013} check check, UD to take care of you, 5 star to medical
0-02-208 Houston Marathon 2013 - Timing? {1/13/2013} i'm by hall D, men's half marathon, women's half marathon, leader, clock on our truck is screwed up, get me on start/finish if you're going to talk to me, where are the lead americans, get it from results, next group is 22 seconds back
0-02-209 Houston Marathon 2013 - {1/12/2013} debbie, {1/13/2013} key-up
0-02-211 Houston Marathon 2013 - EMS "Open Med" {1/11/2013} key-up, {1/13/2013} command to dispatch on open med, this is dispatch radio check, command to dispatch on open med, troy to brent on open med, need medic 1 staged at GRB, command to brent on open med, EMS command to brent, i am deactivating the GPS system as bike teams come in so they will disappear from her screen, female unresponsive on woodway, medic 10 at GRB, command, turtle passing I-45
0-02-211 Komen Houston Race for the Cure 2013
0-02-211 {1/18/2014} key-up
0-02-212 Houston Marathon 2013 - EMS Bike Teams {1/12/2013} kilometer 1, last runner past medic 1 medic 1 falling in behind the turtle, no traffic on ambulance or bike, i'll stay on EMS bike, {1/13/2013} bike team 2, bike team 11 and 12
0-02-212 Komen Houston Race for the Cure 2013 - Medical
0-02-213 Houston Marathon 2013 - EMS Ambulances {1/12/2013} medic 1 dispatch, medic 2 dispatch, turtle clay and austin, {1/13/2013} dispatch
0-02-214 Houston Marathon 2013 - EMS Aid Stations {1/11/2013} working, radio check, {1/12/2013} test test, {1/13/2013} decker, 3 with an MD, aid station 16 checking in, all staff here MD here is someone going to change the sign manually, password, no controls inside the box no keyboard, sag wagon request, 17, 20, runner that was hypothermic, 7
0-02-217 {6/24/2017} Parade - anthony, danny, you're still on the parade channel, green room, the bev station in front of volunteer checkin needs a money pickup, waiting for driver of the front car, parade captains
0-02-218 {6/24/2017} Logistics? - logistics to everyone with radios if your radio gets we do not take it apart, suspicious case in the trash can, volunteers to command center, logistics, dan for anyone in parade, code blue at the parade stage near the main BBVA entrance called in by anthony, dispatch do you copy the medical at main stage, frankie for logistics come in
0-02-218 {3/18/2018} Tour de Houston 2018? - key-ups, voice, this is SOC, 
0-02-219 {6/24/2017} volunteers, dustin, we're taking care of the situation, send them to logistics
0-02-220 {6/24/2017} Beverage - inventory all the bars, by the library, need coke diet coke and sprite, cassidy come in for dan, travis, shannon, need bud lite and mich ultra water, budweiser, absolut, bar 7, load up liquor to take to B6, absolute running low, malibu, absolut bar
0-02-221 {6/24/2017} i need to start getting entrances done, keyed-up with siren sound, voice, propane, can i shutdown food vendors
0-02-222 {6/24/2017} Medical - need ambulance at walker and smith, sweating and vomiting, command center, ambulance, EMS on scene, first aid tent, conscious and breathing, EMS is alrady en route, female about to pass out, paramedics and first aid need someone now, command center to EMS radio check
0-02-223 {6/24/2017} key-ups, ronny
0-03-050 a corvette that's got to go
0-03-052 some rotors
0-03-053 auto parts delivery - fuel filter, spark plug, where is it going, no ticket, air filter, it was u-tech, already dropped off, the store
0-03-054 it says alonso motors on the outside, master pro
0-03-055 all i know about is the one we had in stock
0-03-058 parts
0-03-059 from there go to the warehouse
0-03-060 auto parts delivery - {1/29/2011}, {11/19/2011} going to quick car barker-cypress, {11/17/2012} voice, ok bring it back, {12/31/2012} about a minute away, {1/3/2013} voice, {1/4/2013} left a statement and back to the store, {1/5/2013} on clay heading towards quick car, {1/8/2013} auto care, belts, canceled the fuel pump bring it back to the store
0-03-064 auto parts delivery - {3/3/2012} key-up, {1/21/2013} how far are you from the store, {6/7/2013} voice, {7/9/2013} brake hose
0-03-065 auto parts delivery - {12/31/2012} where you at, coming down baker, carlos transmission and first vehicle, {1/3/2013} after you get done at bullseye go by baytown GMC and pickup one of those lights for me to match up
0-03-220 {1/18/2014} key-up
0-04-052 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} going to cots auto, {1/16/2016} they will open the bay for you
0-04-053 {4/12/2017} will they still be open for this delivery
0-04-056 {6/24/2017} garbled voice
0-04-058 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} voice, {1/16/2016} voice, {4/8/2017} ticket, spanish, rack and pinion
0-04-060 {1/16/2016} wrong they need another one, take it to the store, {2/27/2016} bring the parts back, {4/8/2017} spanish/english, {4/12/2017} voice, key-ups, i forgot a sensor, somebody at the store, i'm on I-10
0-04-062 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} open mic with music playing, {1/16/2016} spanish
0-04-103 {6/24/2017} garbled voice
0-04-200 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/19/2014} almost all the half marathon are done
0-04-201 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/13/2013} key-up, {1/18/2014} key-ups, {1/19/2014} we've got assets headed there HPD should be assisting you
0-04-202 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/19/2014} the way we loaded the trucks, is someone going to tell us to pull the tables off the course, he said he was on the setup channel but i can't get him
0-04-203 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/18/2014} and some sausage pizzas(?) to begin, they're on the back side of the GRB where you parked my car, the box truck, we are at la branch and congress fixing port-o-lets, your forklift driver, beginnings of your 5 star staff are starting to show up, {1/19/2014} voice
0-04-206 Houston Marathon 2014 - {1/18/2014} key-up, {1/19/2014} lead marathon female, 25 mile mark
0-04-207 Houston Marathon 2014? - {1/19/2014} open mic
0-04-213 {1/18/2014} brief voice
0-04-214 {1/18/2014} brief voice
0-06-002 courier service
0-06-003 concrete delivery
0-06-005 courier service
0-06-006 courier service - 497 to 441, charge code, 1 envelope minimum weight
0-06-007 radio service to base for radio check, anybody copy me
0-06-050 O'Reilly Auto Parts delivery warehouse - the warehouse, you got 1 tow, i guess i forgot 1 tow, i'm on monroe i'll go get that tow, quarters dimes nickels, compressor, {10/17/2010} district manager asked why i was late he didn't know we have to do 2 routes on sunday, {12/31/2012} i think she's at the gas pumps, {1/3/2013} come back to the warehouse, {1/5/2013} i'll switch trucks when i get to the warehouse, {1/18/2014} long point store 468, what's the part number, the PTQ, PTONFW
0-06-051 auto parts delivery - passenger side, chevy truck, caliper, a sample of what he wants, linda seafood, two fish, six shrimp, drivers can anyone hear me, picked up air filter and ignition coil, the warehouse
0-06-052 auto parts delivery - tony come back in the store, ETA back to the store, registration sticker, pads, brakes
0-06-054 pickup a check from AOP for 300, i'm pulling into classic now
0-06-056 auto parts delivery - go to baker jackson nissan parts department off of 290, come back to the store, you have one for harding automotive
0-06-057 spanish, ticket
0-06-058 spanish, "o'reilly auto parts"
0-06-059 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, rotor, pads, just brakes
0-06-062 auto parts delivery - {3/5/2011} i'll be 10-8 to will call, {3/26/2011} 3 more parts assuming you want me to wait for them, only 2 people at the warehouse, i'm on the way to clear lake, clear lake firestone
0-06-063 auto parts delivery - {3/12/2011} voice, {4/2/2011} voice, {5/14/2011} i'll catch the other on the way back, {5/21/2011} ticket, price, core price, he owes us $75.10, did he give you a core back, on my way back, did he give you the old one, come back to the store, {6/4/2011} we only have bolts for the torque converts no nuts, {7/16/2011} joe, car care
0-06-100 freeway sweepers? - {9/20/2010 at 11:12 PM} voice, {9/21/2010 at 11:07 PM} shoulder looking good, {7/26/2011} get the hell around these sweepers, {5/20/2012} 10-4, {12/30/2012} 610, 10, post oak road, i'm up at front desk for stand-up, {1/3/2013} 1 boom at a time, sweeper, hanging on your back broom, 35 to fort bend county line, sweeper behind us, you got a knife hanging out the side of your arrow board i don't know if you can get it out, {3/6/2013} i'm out of water, center lane, got a lot of dust, real dirty, don't let him dump on you, intersection of 249
0-08-001 Shell Oil Security (downtown) - patrol, arriving, completed patrol, en route, low rise, clear, unit 5 base beginning escort tranquility, two houston center, thc, completed random patrols, patrol of midrise is complete, unit 5 call base, 500 dallas, beginning patrol, unit 2, unit 8 to unit 7 i need you at the receptionist desk someone needs to see you, high rise patrol, mid rise patrol, unit 4 to base starting mid rise patrol, low rise patrol, escort to TSP
0-08-003 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, pickup one core for the durango, long point and gessner, spring branch transmission, martin to base, parts, warranty, axles
0-08-005 courier service
0-08-050 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} that's the biggest one we have that's the only size available, {1/16/2016} rotor, brake, gloves, going to universal auto, leaving classic chevy heading back to base
0-08-051 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} back to base, express auto check, {1/16/2016} back to store
0-08-052 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} coming back to store, auto alignment, that part, i'm going to the bank, drop it off at slick's
0-08-054 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} how long his customer is getting impatient, brake check, {1/16/2016} get the ticket, stock transfer brought back here, {4/8/2017} pick up a part, euro care
0-08-055 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} returning from brookshire, found a lug nut that will work for him, go to garza, exchange it
0-08-056 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} don't worry about the money, {4/12/2017} voice, {6/24/2017} go across the freeway, {1/27/2018} other shop, head over to J&M, drop off, {1/27/2018} voice, {3/10/2018} bushings, go to 5560, {4/21/2018} north houston trailers is closed saturday and sunday, {10/6/2018} spanish, that's a tire, {10/5/2019} AC auto, part
0-08-057 {1/27/2018} voice, {3/10/2018} out the door with a delivery
0-08-058 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} leaving rapido heading back to base and they're asking for their transmission oil
0-08-059 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} he signed for it, delivery, pay for it, {2/27/2016} voice, {4/10/2017} voice, motor, got busy with a customer, metro motors, pickup the check, {6/24/2017} for gary's auto salvage
0-08-060 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} 20 dollars, {1/16/2016} gasket he got earlier, come back to the store
0-08-061 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} voice, {1/16/2016} inlet and outlet tube should be the same diameter, {4/8/2017} credit card declined, {4/12/2017} office, ticket, {6/24/2017} you need to collect on it, warehouse, smart engine and performance, transmission
0-08-062 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} anybody have a ticket for a catalytic converter
0-08-063 auto parts delivery - {2/27/2016} did you bring the wrong part, bring it back, {4/10/2017} truck mount, what's the mileage on the car, {4/12/2017} the store, midas, {1/27/2018} go to mata auto and pickup, filter
0-08-064 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} spanish, {1/16/2016} rack and pinion, oil, tie rod
0-08-066 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} mustang air shocks, when the hub comes in, auto lab ticket, i pulled the ticket
0-08-067 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} ghost town no one here, head back to the store, {2/27/2016} pick up that part, come back to the store, {4/8/2017} the store, {4/10/2017} the store, sears, this is city of jersey village, {4/12/2017} leaving firestone
0-08-068 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} at the firestone, ticket, invoice, did you get paid, new car area or repair shop
0-08-069 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} warehouse heading back to store, {4/8/2017} store, gulfgate dodge, central tire, {4/12/2017} voice, {1/27/2018} dodge, back to store, {10/5/2019} back to the shop
0-08-070 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} drivers, {2/27/2016} voice, {4/8/2017} voice, {4/10/2017} falcon bus barn, pickup 10 lug nuts and bring them back to the store, grab a coil, steve at stagecoach, joe myers, the store to pickup everything, turbo for MJS
0-08-071 auto parts delivery - {4/8/2017} spanish, highway 6 and richmond, {4/10/2017} 2325 is our address, i'll got to all-star, he's not in all-star he's past all-star, there's the trailers they sell the campers you go there, rotors, bearings, diesel
0-08-072 auto parts delivery - {4/10/2017} voice, {4/12/2017} ticket on the desk, {6/24/2017} key-ups, {1/27/2018} come back, strainers, {3/10/2018} go for tim, pickup transmission filter and take it to eagle, water pump kit
0-08-073 auto parts delivery - {4/12/2017} ticket for trico, {1/27/2018} brake line, ordered something from the warehouse, {3/10/2018} back to the store, 2 light bulb connectors, the warehouse, KC transmission, collect on it
0-08-074 auto parts delivery - {4/8/2017} voice
0-08-101 {1/8/2013} key-ups, {1/12/2013} key-up, {1/18/2013} key-up, {10/3/2015} key-up/voice, {1/17/2016} 10-4 thank you, {4/9/2017} key-ups, {4/10/2017} key-ups, voice, {4/12/2017} voice, {6/24/2017} voice, key-ups
0-08-102 with 0-08-107? - you're saying i have permission to open, {1/20/2013} key-up, {10/3/2015} key-up, {1/17/2016} wide open out here, {4/12/2017} voice
0-08-103 {1/21/2013} key-up, {1/17/2016} key-ups, {4/12/2017} key-ups
0-08-104 {1/14/2013} , {1/21/2013} key-up, {10/3/2015} key-up, {1/16/2016} key-ups, {1/17/2016} voie, {4/10/2017} key-up, {4/12/2017} voice, {6/24/2017} voice, key-ups, setup on the bore scope
0-08-105 {1/18/2013} key-up, {10/3/2015} key-up, {1/16/2016} key-ups, voice, {1/17/2016} voice, {4/12/2017} voice, {6/24/2017} key-ups
0-08-106 {1/12/2013} key-up, {1/14/2013} , {1/19/2013} key-up, {4/12/2017} key-ups, {6/24/2017} key-ups
0-08-107 pipeline ops? base only? - valve, {1/21/2013} key-up, {4/20/2013} 10-4, {1/16/2016} go ahead, {1/17/2016} key-up, {4/10/2017} key-up, voice, {4/120271} key-up, {6/24/2017} voice
0-08-109 {1/14/2013} , {10/3/2015} key-up, {1/16/2016} key-ups, {4/12/2017} broken voice, {6/24/2017} key-ups
0-08-120 {10/3/2015} key-up, {4/10/2017} key-up, {4/12/2017} broken voice
0-08-211 Houston Marathon 2016 - Race - {1/16/2016} hello, key-ups, {1/17/2016} milam and lamar, sector 6, {1/17/2016} radio check on Race, where can volunteers check-in, i'm on Race and Sector Open right now, race channel for start everyone else go to some other channel
0-08-211 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 - {1/27/2018} how many participants do we have today, race course
0-08-211 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 #2 - {10/6/2018} at the NFL area, headquarters, 
0-08-212 Houston Marathon 2016 - {1/17/2016} intersections, barricades, sector 1 is officially closed, sector 5 good to go, cone truck, UCC everything is fine, i tried on race channel but didn't get anyone
0-08-212 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 - Ch. 2 Medical - {1/27/2018} children and elderly have started, need medication, if we need an AED then orion should be en route
0-08-212 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 #2 - {10/6/2018} by finish line, outside of headquarters tent there is a child on the ground, ambulance
0-08-213 Houston Marathon 2016? - {1/17/2016} key-ups
0-08-213 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 - {1/27/2018} key-ups
0-08-214 Houston Marathon 2016 - Supplies? - {1/16/2016} larry to tony, cut whoever has to leave, there are rain jackets in the back of our box truck, where does the sponsor credential board go, san jacinto from franklin to preston is closed fannin from franklin to preston is closed all three of those streets should be closed so our ops parking should be open for us to start staging vehicles and heavy equipment there, caroline san jacinto and fannin should all be closed from franklin to preston, i'm going to cone that lane for you, cones and sand bags, cherry picker, entry to ops driveway we keep losing zip ties, {1/17/2016} toilet paper, start doing closures at 5:30, need zip ties, have them open that emergency exit in front of you, trash boxes, corral A front rope in place, need type 3 barricades
0-08-215 Houston Marathon 2016 - {1/16/2016} lamar and la branch to keep pedestrians coming down lamar, security work-up of what's ordered, see what's on order for today, tearing down stage at 5K, make your stage taller, i talked to downtown sector about fencing ending at fannin, fence we need, i need fence panels moved from ADLA to medical tent, {1/17/2016} voice, key-ups
0-08-215 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 - {1/27/2018} key-ups, brief voice
0-08-216 Houston Marathon 2016? - {1/16/2016} key-up
0-08-216 Komen Race for the Cure 2018 - {1/27/2018} key-ups
0-08-217 Houston Marathon 2016 - Medical Bike Teams - {1/17/2016} voice, bike team 10, bike team 5, UCC, radio check
0-08-218 Houston Marathon 2016 - Medical Ambulances - {1/16/2016} this is GRB medical, stage at memorial, {1/27/2016} orion 2, orion 4, orion 9
0-08-219 Houston Marathon 2016 - Medical Aid Stations - {1/16/2016} i'm not in UCC but i'm in third floor, {1/17/2016} have radio and both MDs
0-08-220 Houston Marathon 2016 - Sag Vans - {1/17/2016} voice, i'm in the transit center, bus, buses, van just left, guy didn't look good we should have called EMS, sag van 1, sag 2
0-08-221 Houston Marathon 2016 - Medical Command - {1/16/2016} preparaton for the drill, at the finish line, GRB medical at 6 AM deploy by 7, to all finish line teams radio check, medical command received PAR complete, finish line staging area, medical command, {1/17/2016} the HFD ambulances, finish line, medic unit, do not have an HFD unit there yet, looking for HFD medic 515 to report to austin and la branch, can i get a PAR for accountability, finish line to GRB
0-08-222 Houston Marathon 2016 - emergency emergency this is GRB command finish line please run a PAR, command this is GRB medical, hall C of GRB, command copy that stand by for PAR, {1/17/2016} voice
0-09-003 wrecker service? - calling for a wrecker
0-09-051 auto parts delivery
0-09-053 auto parts delivery
0-09-054 auto parts delivery - any returns coming back from morales auto repair
0-09-056 the store
0-09-057 auto parts delivery - auto check, the store, where are you, head over to stafford, set of brakes for a customer
0-09-058 is that 5 quarts of o'reilly oil
0-09-059 yeah
0-09-060 auto parts delivery - {12/1/2012} how far are you from the store, {12/8/2012} nasa road 1, pickup 1 stud, {12/31/2012} the two parts, don't have the struts, the store, routes and drivers, at cooley tires
0-09-061 auto parts delivery? - {2/28/2015} as it is i'm not going to collect any money from him because you owe him $8.20 and you didn't give me the change
0-09-211 Houston Marathon 2014 - Medical Open - {1/18/2014} key-ups, {1/19/2014} lots of voice
0-09-212 Houston Marathon 2014 - Medical Bike Teams - {1/18/2014} test, {1/19/2014} lots of voice
0-09-213 Houston Marathon 2014 - Medical Ambulance Dispatch - {1/18/2014} test, {1/19/2014} lots of voice
0-09-214 Houston Marathon 2014 - Medical Aid Stations - {1/18/2014} key-ups, {1/19/2014} lots of voice
0-10-002 landscape supply company - need an operator to load a customer with mix all, 10 yards of mix soil, stones by the scale, granite, landscaper, top soil, i'm at 45 and 2920, first load, load of sand going to rice university
0-10-004 HVAC contractor - i did a bunch of drain line work yesterday we'll have to bill them, blower wheel
0-10-050 o'reilly store come in please, radio service calling o'reilly store
0-10-051 auto parts delivery - the store, your truck, for a saturn sedan, just brakes canceled bring it back
0-10-052 auto parts delivery - dispatch, clear lake tire, leaving firestone, coming by to get that core, heater core, pads
0-10-053 deliveries, extra ticket which i had no parts for
0-10-054 auto parts delivery - i have the wiper motor, you got everything
0-10-055 auto parts delivery
0-10-056 {10/3/2015} spanish
0-10-057 {10/3/2015} you got that blalock
0-10-059 {10/3/2015} key-up/voice
0-10-061 {10/3/2015} jose
0-10-101 {6/24/2017} broken voice
0-10-103 {6/24/2017} broken voice
0-10-211 {1/18/2014} key-up
0-12-108 {6/24/2017} voice
0-12-109 {1/14/2013} , {1/17/2016} hey sean you're going to have to come over here, {2/27/2016} voice, {4/9/2017} voice, {6/24/2017} voice
0-12-112 {1/14/2013} , {1/21/2013} key-up
0-15-002 landscape supply delivery - {4/30/2011} voice, {5/7/2011} shawn to base, {5/14/2011} 1 5 compost mix, premium hardwood, 5 premium mix to the front and 5 premium hardwood to the tailgate, 6 yard mix, {5/21/2011} silver SUV coming back, operators come put your lunch order in, you took some yard mix and deco hardwood mulch over to 3505 pin oak, do you remember who loaded you, jesse, {6/4/2011} do you see the silver car back there, they came to the back gate, {3/31/2012} two yards black star gravel, {4/28/2012} one load of select fill and one load of premium mix, {1/3/2013} he's not here and i got sand to deliver for him, colony builders, hardwood mulch, rodney to base, 1.5 inch gravel
0-15-050 i'll try to go out holcombe
0-15-051 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, go by the warehouse and pickup brake shoes
0-15-052 auto parts delivery - radio service to o'reilly store come in please, {1/16/2016} starter, tire, wheel
0-15-053 {1/16/2016} the starter, voice, {4/12/2017} key-up, {1/27/2018} voice, come in rick
0-15-054 auto parts delivery - taking the oil filter now, back to the store
0-15-055 {4/10/2017} voice, {4/12/2017} voice, {3/24/2018} take it to A2, have them sign it, 
0-15-056 auto parts delivery - i'm through with my deliveries, picking up a water pump, west houston infinity, come back to the store, cash ticket, go to volvo, at i-10 and fuqua, conoco, wrong part, oil filter
0-15-057 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, compressor, where are you now, brake check spring branch complete, brake pads to houston auto service
0-15-058 auto parts delivery - regulator, i'm almost to the store, auto center already paid for it
0-15-059 auto parts delivery
0-15-060 auto parts delivery - {10/3/2015} pick that up and drop the right part, gas can, cover gasket
0-15-061 auto parts delivery - {4/8/2017} deliveries, back to the store, pickup axle, the store, deliveries
0-15-062 {6/24/2017} key-up
0-15-063 {1/16/2016} go ahead and send it, {2/27/2016} voice, {6/24/2017} key-up, {3/24/2018} spanish, {10/6/2018} pickup, bring it back to the store, spanish, the part is at 401, 
0-15-065 auto parts delivery - {1/16/2016} auto check 14, the bearings, anchor, filters
0-15-066 {4/8/2017} voice, never mind we're good, on my way back, {4/10/2017} i'm looking for you, {6/24/2017} joe's garage, come on back, {3/10/2018} the store, did he pay for it, sam made the ticket, {10/6/2018} voice
0-15-085 auto parts delivery - {3/10/2018} get the money, going back to the store, spanish, {3/24/2018} everything i just brought him, lot of tickets flying around, brake pads, spanish
0-19-001 ambulance service - unit 1 to base, pick up the copy machine, $50 for the delivery, find out what they charged to clean out those injectors, unit 8, on rice university campus now, radio service doing a radio, check does anyone out there copy me, you guys having problems with, bleedover, {4/9/2010} did you get lost, {4/10/2010} 1146 what is your mileage, ending mileage for last call was 416, 25 dispatch we're transporting, we're clear, {4/20/2010} unit 9, go to the courtyard and pick-up miss bateman, {6/5/2010} show us transporting now the nurses had a little problem with their patient, unit 5 is almost there
0-19-002 courier service
0-19-003 wrecker service? - traffic stop homestead and norman, how's your radio working now, where's it at, northbound 59 at rankin, u-turn at aldine mail route, beltway, 59 northbound service road, {8/27/2011} 300 gulfbank, one detained fixing to load it
0-19-004 wrecker service
0-19-005 courier service
0-19-050 auto parts delivery - {10/2/2010} voice, {10/17/2010} voice, {10/30/2010} does someone have a texas tire ticket for an alternator, {11/20/2010} dropping off rotors at fort bend auto
0-19-051 auto parts delivery - the store, tie rod is the wrong one, two invoices
0-19-052 auto parts delivery - take it to robbins nissan, the parts
0-19-053 auto parts delivery? - back by the store
0-19-054 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, mechanic, zone 5, international, $20.74, asked all the shops who ordered an alternator
0-19-055 auto parts delivery - some guy named nick called, come back to the store, alternator, part
0-19-056 auto parts delivery - that's not for just brakes
0-19-057 auto parts delivery - brake pads, shocks
0-19-058 radio service to o'reilly store come in please
0-19-060 auto parts delivery - {5/19/2012} key-up, {9/29/2012} keyed-up with music playing, {10/11/2012} voice, where springfield road is, {12/8/2012} keyed-up with music playing, pickup paint and radiator, {12/31/2012} filter, the store, run it out to me, {1/3/2013} leave that check with danny, 2384 and highland, pickup a part for A automotive, water switching valve
0-19-211 Houston Marathon 2016 - {1/16/2016} did the other generator show up for the satellite systems at the start line, copy that going back to the LT line, {1/17/2016} key-up
0-19-214 Houston Marathan 2016? - {1/16/2016} test test, can you look at units labeled OR13 OR11 OR6 and BT1 perhaps trying putting them in the front seat with you, continue moving them out on side streets there,