Air National Guard RC-26B Aircraft - Scanner Frequencies and Talkgroups

Houston, Texas

The Air National Guard operates RC-26B surveillance aircraft (Wikipedia) to provide domestic availability of military surveillance technology while avoiding the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act (the Army National Guard operates RC-12 aircraft). RC-26B aircraft have also been noted operating in support of FEMA after Hurricane Harvey.

The ANG RC-26B aircraft have been modified as counter-drug support aircraft carrying specialized electronic equipment to provide aerial surveillance and reconnaissance for law enforcement agencies. The aircraft Main Operating Base (MOB) locations are: Fresno ANGB, CA; Clarksburg, WV; Jacksonville, FL; Kirtland AFB, NM; Meridian MS; Houston, TX; Syracuse, NY; Fairchild AFB, WA; Tucson, AZ; Madison, WI; and Montgomery, AL.

In Houston, an RC-26B is permanently based at Ellington International Airport (EFD/KEFD) and uses the callsign "Voodoo 92." This aircraft provides support for anti-narcotics surveillance and border enforcement. The physical aircraft are periodically rotated around the country. Local law enforcement and interoperability frequencies (and talkgroups on TxWARN) are used for operational air-to-ground communications with agencies such as DEA, CBP, and ICE.


RC-26B aircraft use a variety of mode S codes and transponder idents.

Mode S HexIdents UsedCallsigns Used
520273REACH 24
520274RCH 1028Anvil 01, Voodoo 92
A7F1D0Bear 26, FEMA Bear 26 (Civilian Registration N6105L)
ADFD7FVoodoo 92
ADFD88Voodoo 92, Voodoo 01
ADFD8AVoodoo 92


The aircraft use civilian VHF frequencies for communication with air traffic control.

118.0SCSQ"Streak" base during Hurricane Harvey (with "Bear 26," "Anvil 01," "Voodoo 92")
118.05SCSQ"Streak" base during Hurricane Harvey (with "Anvil 01")
136.375SCSQCBP air-to-air/air-to-base ("Voodoo Ops" heard)
150.7375Mn 293Surveillance Air-to-Ground
225.05SCSQNORAD 11 - "Streak" base during Hurricane Harvey with several RC-26B aircraft operating ("Bear 26," "Anvil 01," "Voodoo 92")
288.5SCSQNational Guard Command Post ("Lone Star") at Ellington