Army National Guard RC-12 Aircraft - Scanner Frequencies

Houston, Texas

The Army National Guard operates RC-12 surveillance aircraft (Wikipedia) to provide domestic availability of military surveillance technology while avoiding the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act (the Air National Guard operates RC-26B aircraft).


Mode S HexIdents UsedCallsigns Used
ADFE48MYSTC 61, IVY 70Idaho 17


The RC-12 aircraft uses civilian VHF frequencies for communication with air traffic control. The aircraft with mode S code ADFE48 has been noted using the following pool of air-around communication frequencies. The air-ground frequencies are 100% encrypted.

163.3Mn 293Air-to-Ground, Encrypted
163.35Mn 293Air-to-Ground, Encrypted
165.3Mn 293Air-to-Ground, Encrypted
165.325Mn 293Air-to-Ground, Encrypted
167.325Mn 293Air-to-Ground, Encrypted