Houston Police Crime Data - 2017 Top 51 Street Blocks by Number of Incidents Reported

January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017

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Incidents Block Beat Division
380900 block of GESSNER RD20G50Westside
3265000 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F20Midwest
3084400 block of NORTH FWY3B50North
1652000 block of WILLOWBROOK MALL 5F40Northwest
1572300 block of S WAYSIDE DR11H10Eastside
1495000 block of WESTHEIMER RD RD18F20Midwest
130300 block of MEMORIAL CITY WAY20G50Westside
119500 block of BAYBROOK MALL 12D70Clear Lake
1199500 block of ROWLETT 12D10Clear Lake
1179400 block of W SAM HOUSTON PKWY19G10Westside
1167900 block of W FM 1960 RD5F40Northwest
1114400 block of NORTH FWY OB 3B50North
1115400 block of S RICE AVE17E10Fondren
1022800 block of N TERMINAL RD RD21I10Intercontinental Airport
1002700 block of DUNVALE RD18F40Midwest
955100 block of W ALABAMA ST18F20Midwest
87100 block of YALE ST2A50Central
8613400 block of MARKET ST9C40Northeast
8410700 block of WESTHEIMER RD RD20G30Westside
83300 block of MEYERLAND PLAZA 15E10Southwest
756800 block of GULF FWY13D10Southeast
74300 block of MEMORIAL CITY WAY 20G50Westside
749700 block of KATY FWY4F10Northwest
7113400 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
6817300 block of PINE CUT 21I50Intercontinental Airport
649500 block of CROFTON ST ST8C10Northeast
639400 block of W SAM HOUSTON PKWY S 19G10Westside
638000 block of S LOOP 11H30Eastside
637500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD18F50Midwest
627600 block of KATY FWY OB 5F10Northwest
622800 block of N TERMINAL RD21I10Intercontinental Airport
616100 block of S LOOP 13D10Southeast
6112500 block of DUNLAP ST ST17E40Fondren
607500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD BLVD18F50Midwest
595500 block of DESOTO ST ST6B30North
5913400 block of NORTHWEST ST5F30Northwest
585100 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F20Midwest
587800 block of AIRPORT BLVD BLVD23J50Hobby Airport
582800 block of HAYES 20G30Westside
578500 block of BROADWAY ST ST13D20Southeast
5717300 block of PALMETTO PINES 21I50Intercontinental Airport
5610700 block of WESTHEIMER RD20G30Westside
562700 block of S KIRKWOOD RD20G30Westside
552400 block of S WAYSIDE DR13D10Southeast
558200 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
5511300 block of KATY FWY IB 20G50Westside
5211300 block of WESTHEIMER RD20G40Westside
5210700 block of WESTVIEW DR4F30Northwest
526400 block of WESTHEIMER RD RD18F30Midwest
522100 block of HOLLY HALL 15E40Southwest
52100 block of ALMEDA MALL 12D10Clear Lake