Houston Police Crime Data - 2011 Top 50 Street Blocks by Number of Incidents Reported

January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011

Click on the red map icons for details; also see table below.

Incidents Block Beat Division
2879400 block of S WEST SAM HOUSTON PKWY19G10Westside
2614400 block of NORTH FWY3B50North
2609500 block of ROWLETT 12D10Clear Lake
2367900 block of W FM 1960 5F40Northwest
223900 block of GESSNER DR20G50Westside
2185000 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F20Midwest
140700 block of MEYERLAND PLAZA 15E10Southwest
11713400 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
114300 block of MEMORIAL CITY WAY20G50Westside
1104200 block of SAN JACINTO 10H40South Central
1097500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD18F50Midwest
882700 block of S KIRKWOOD DR20G30Westside
88100 block of W EL DORADO BLVD12D70Clear Lake
764700 block of AIRLINE DR3B50North
755100 block of W ALABAMA ST18F20Midwest
7410900 block of GULF FWY12D10Clear Lake
725300 block of W GULF BANK RD6B30North
7212900 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
662700 block of DUNVALE RD18F40Midwest
667000 block of W FM 1960 5F40Northwest
66100 block of BAYBROOK MALL 12D70Clear Lake
658700 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
651300 block of GREENS PKWY6B60North
6111500 block of SOUTHWEST FWY17E30Fondren
609900 block of RICHMOND AVE20G10Westside
6010000 block of WESTPARK 20G10Westside
597600 block of KATY FWY5F10Northwest
5717100 block of IMPERIAL VALLEY DR6B60North
5517000 block of IMPERIAL VALLEY DR6B60North
559800 block of MEADOWGLEN LN20G10Westside
5512000 block of EAST FWY9C40Northeast
544200 block of MAIN ST10H40South Central
5310100 block of FORUM PARK DR19G50Westside
528000 block of W TIDWELL RD5F30Northwest
528700 block of TOWN PARK DR20G10Westside
52500 block of BAYBROOK MALL 12D70Clear Lake
514400 block of E NORTH FWY SER3B50North
513500 block of N TERMINAL RD21I30Intercontinental Airport
515900 block of SELINSKY 14D50Southeast
495800 block of LYONS 9C20Northeast
4912200 block of FLEMING DR9C40Northeast
491800 block of BARKER CYPRESS RD4F30Northwest
482700 block of BRIARGROVE DR18F30Midwest
4817400 block of IMPERIAL VALLEY DR6B60North
4812300 block of NORTH FWY6B60North
481400 block of W GULF BANK RD6B40North
475700 block of RICHMOND AVE18F30Midwest
476200 block of BELLAIRE BLVD17E10Fondren
4710500 block of BEECHNUT ST19G10Westside
47500 block of SEMINAR DR6B60North