Houston Police Crime Data - 2009 Top 85 Street Blocks by Number of Incidents Reported

January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009

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Incidents Block Beat Division
251900 block of GESSNER DR20G50Westside
2209400 block of S WEST SAM HOUSTON PKWY19G10Westside
2127900 block of W FM 1960 5F40Northwest
1911200 block of TRAVIS ST1A10Central
1485000 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F20Midwest
1469500 block of ROWLETT 12D10Clear Lake
1287600 block of KATY FWY5F10Northwest
10310900 block of GULF FWY12D10Clear Lake
100100 block of E EDGEBROOK DR12D10Clear Lake
986400 block of ANTOINE DR6B30North
945900 block of SELINSKY 14D50Southeast
911300 block of GREENS PKWY6B60North
854700 block of AIRLINE DR3B50North
8512200 block of FONDREN RD17E40Fondren
849700 block of COURT GLEN DR19G40Westside
846300 block of W AIRPORT BLVD17E40Fondren
848700 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
828700 block of HAMMERLY 5F20Northwest
82500 block of SEMINAR DR6B60North
806300 block of WINDSWEPT LN18F30Midwest
805500 block of DESOTO ST6B30North
8012200 block of FLEMING DR9C40Northeast
797500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD18F50Midwest
784400 block of NORTH FWY3B50North
7713400 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
7513200 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
74400 block of MAXEY RD9C40Northeast
7212900 block of NORTHWEST FWY5F30Northwest
706200 block of GULFTON 17E10Fondren
70100 block of W EL DORADO BLVD12D70Clear Lake
692700 block of S KIRKWOOD DR20G30Westside
686300 block of W BELLFORT ST17E40Fondren
6717000 block of IMPERIAL VALLEY DR6B60North
6610600 block of BEECHNUT ST19G10Westside
6610100 block of FORUM PARK DR19G50Westside
65800 block of GREENS RD6B60North
658500 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
657600 block of W FM 1960 5F40Northwest
645100 block of W ALABAMA ST18F20Midwest
648300 block of EL MUNDO ST15E40Southwest
649900 block of RICHMOND AVE20G10Westside
6413000 block of NORTHBOROUGH DR6B60North
636600 block of DUNLAP ST17E10Fondren
629900 block of CLUB CREEK DR19G10Westside
615500 block of ANTOINE DR3B10North
618900 block of RICHMOND AVE18F50Midwest
613400 block of OCEE RD18F50Midwest
6117100 block of IMPERIAL VALLEY DR6B60North
6012000 block of MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD14D40Southeast
595500 block of GASMER DR15E20Southwest
59Unit block of GOODSON DR6B50North
599800 block of FORUM PARK DR19G50Westside
599400 block of CONCOURSE DR19G10Westside
586200 block of BELLAIRE BLVD17E10Fondren
577500 block of BELLERIVE DR18F50Midwest
579500 block of S POST OAK RD15E10Southwest
571200 block of REDFORD 12D10Clear Lake
578900 block of S GESSNER DR17E30Fondren
56400 block of GREENS RD6B60North
5510000 block of WESTPARK 20G10Westside
557200 block of CORPORATE DR19G10Westside
556400 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F40Midwest
541100 block of LANGWICK DR6B60North
545300 block of COKE ST7C10Northeast
549800 block of BISSONNET ST19G50Westside
542700 block of DUNVALE RD18F40Midwest
548000 block of W TIDWELL RD5F30Northwest
5411300 block of FONDREN RD17E40Fondren
535700 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F30Midwest
5310200 block of SUGAR BRANCH DR19G50Westside
537200 block of BELLERIVE DR18F50Midwest
5310500 block of GULF FWY12D10Clear Lake
521800 block of EL PASEO ST15E40Southwest
52200 block of EL DORADO BLVD12D70Clear Lake
529400 block of COVENTRY SQUARE DR19G40Westside
5217100 block of TOMBALL PKWY5F40Northwest
518400 block of KIRBY DR15E40Southwest
51400 block of W LITTLE YORK RD6B10North
511900 block of RUNNELS 10H10South Central
5110500 block of BEECHNUT ST19G10Westside
513100 block of CRESTDALE DR4F20Northwest
505800 block of HOLLISTER 5F30Northwest
509900 block of WESTHEIMER RD20G10Westside
5011500 block of SOUTHWEST FWY17E30Fondren
50600 block of MAXEY RD9C40Northeast