Houston Police Crime Data - 2008 Top 42 Street Blocks by Number of Type I Incidents Reported

January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008

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Incidents Block Beat Division
1299400 block of S WEST SAM HOUSTON PKWY19G10Westside
1006000 block of SUNFOREST 3B10North
969700 block of COURT GLEN DR19G40Westside
916400 block of ANTOINE DR6B30North
917600 block of KATY FWY5F10Northwest
9110900 block of GULF FWY12D10Clear Lake
831400 block of W GULF BANK RD6B40North
807500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD18F50Midwest
806300 block of W AIRPORT BLVD17E40Fondren
745300 block of COKE ST7C10Northeast
7211300 block of FONDREN RD17E40Fondren
691000 block of GREENS RD6B60North
69Unit block of GOODSON DR6B50North
695900 block of SELINSKY 14D50Southeast
675500 block of HOLLY VIEW DR6B30North
656700 block of BENNINGTON 8C20Northeast
638400 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
627500 block of BELLERIVE DR18F50Midwest
628600 block of S COURSE DR19G10Westside
6212300 block of NORTH FWY6B60North
615800 block of W SUNFOREST 3B10North
614700 block of WENDA 14D20Southeast
607900 block of W FM 1960 5F40Northwest
577600 block of CURRY RD7C30Northeast
576500 block of DUNLAP ST17E10Fondren
579500 block of CROFTON ST8C10Northeast
5710500 block of HAMMERLY 4F20Northwest
565300 block of DESOTO 6B30North
568500 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
5512600 block of BROOKGLADE CIR19G40Westside
535000 block of SUNFLOWER 14D20Southeast
538300 block of MYKAWA 14D30Southeast
525500 block of EL CAMINO DEL REY 17E10Fondren
526400 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F40Midwest
528800 block of S BRAESWOOD BLVD17E30Fondren
5212000 block of MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD14D40Southeast
51400 block of GREENS RD6B60North
51800 block of NORTHWEST MALL 3B10North
515000 block of WESTHEIMER RD18F20Midwest
513700 block of HILLCROFT 18F30Midwest
5112500 block of DUNLAP ST17E40Fondren
5113000 block of NORTHBOROUGH DR6B60North