Houston Police Crime Data - 2007 Top 40 Street Blocks by Number of Type I Incidents Reported

January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007

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Incidents Block Beat Division
11410900 block of GULF FWY12D10Clear Lake
1089400 block of S WEST SAM HOUSTON PKWY19G10Westside
977500 block of BELLAIRE BLVD18G50Uptown
9115400 block of CHIPMAN LN6B50North
878400 block of BROADWAY ST13D20Southeast
8712300 block of NORTH FWY6B60North
805500 block of HOLLY VIEW DR6B30North
793700 block of HILLCROFT 18G30Uptown
771200 block of TRAVIS 1A10Central
738300 block of MYKAWA 14D30Southeast
731900 block of RUNNELS 10H10South Central
726300 block of W AIRPORT BLVD17E40Fondren
705300 block of DESOTO 6B30North
70Unit block of GOODSON DR6B50North
676400 block of SKYLINE DR18G30Uptown
667600 block of KATY FWY5F10Northwest
6512200 block of FLEMING DR9C40Northeast
645000 block of SUNFLOWER 14D20Southeast
645000 block of WESTHEIMER RD18G20Uptown
635800 block of SUNFOREST 3B10North
636200 block of ANTOINE DR6B30North
638000 block of COOK RD19G30Westside
632100 block of MAIN ST10H40South Central
626000 block of SUNFOREST 3B10North
627500 block of BELLERIVE DR18G50Uptown
615900 block of SELINSKY 14D50Southeast
609500 block of CROFTON ST8C10Northeast
595300 block of N MCCARTY 9C30Northeast
5912200 block of FONDREN RD17E40Fondren
5911300 block of FONDREN RD17E40Fondren
59800 block of SEMINAR DR6B60North
581200 block of REDFORD 12D10Clear Lake
575400 block of CHIMNEY ROCK RD17E10Fondren
579800 block of CLUB CREEK DR19G10Westside
564700 block of AIRLINE DR3B50North
569700 block of S GESSNER DR17E30Fondren
5611400 block of GREEN PLAZA DR6B50North
5510300 block of WILCREST DR19G50Westside
551300 block of REDFORD 12D10Clear Lake
551000 block of GREENS RD6B60North