World Series 2021

Houston, Texas

158.7375Mn 162DPS Executive Protection
163.1Mn 293unknown, encrypted, probable convoy, before and after games 1/2 and 6 respectively
163.9125In 167FBI multicast input
167.3125Mn 167FBI
167.4375Mn 167FBI
167.6125Mn 167FBI A1
167.7875Rn 167FBI A7
170.675Rn 051ICE Houston 1
170.725Rn 653Federal Interoperability Houston Command
170.8625Rn 167FBI multicast
172.1875Rn 167FBI multicast
410.8Rn 798Federal Protective Service
467.75MAerial Video Systems air-to-ground
45307TxWARNX-ICS 9 - HFD
45312TxWARNX-ICS 14 - HPD Outside
45313TxWARNX-ICS 15 - HPD Traffic
45314TxWARNX-ICS 16 - HPD Inside