Toyota Center Scanner Frequencies and Talkgroups

Houston, Texas

Primary Toyota Center operations are on a DMR Capacity Plus trunked radio system .

Toyota Center Conventional

461.1375 S [d 152] CSC Commandpost (Event Security)
461.5125 S [d 152] CSC Commandpost (Event Security)
461.7    M [ 74.4] Ticket Takers?
464.375  M [ 94.8] 
469.4125 M [     ] unconfirmed usage at Toyota Center, possible tone 146.2

Major Events

Bon Jovi Concert 5/17/2011:
466.1375 M [d 734] 
466.2375 M [d 065] 

WWE events 12/19/2010 and again 3/8/2011:
466.2125 M [ 71.9] bus and/or truck drivers (unsure if this is local to Houston or not)
469.5    M [d 125] production staff

NBA All-Star Game 2013

NBA All-Star Game 2006

Toyota Center Trunked Radio System

NOTE: This system is obsolete and replaced by a DMR Capacity Plus system.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 1510 Polk Street
Callsign: WPYW233

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  451.35
06  452.45
11  463.65
16  464.35

0-01-101 Dispatch
0-01-102 Guest Services/Tickets? - in the suite, tickets
0-01-104 merchandise
0-01-106 need more chairs
0-01-107 building is clear
0-01-113 Facilities Maintenance - light is on, can you fix that, fork lift in quad D, dispatch to facilities, armrest off
0-06-101 24-hour Security - A1 to E1, A1 to S1, A1 to SCC for radio check, come in R1, come in five star, R1 can you open the five star office upstairs, stairwell door unsecured
0-06-102 Housekeeping
0-06-108 unit calling guest services
0-06-109 Security? Catering? - area by stage is NBA-covered area, i'll be on catering, need trash removed, these black leather chairs don't look good, VIP entrance/exit, la branch ingress/egress, five star
0-06-110 Media - north video board problem, come to the sound room, we don't have to re-hang that tv