Super Bowl 38/XXXVIII (2004)

Houston, Texas

NRG Park

City of Houston Trunked Radio System


   123.025  S [ CSQ ] Helicopter Air-to-Air
   265.4    S [ CSQ ] NORAD

Public Safety

   460.35   R [123.0] HPD Downtown
   460.4    R [123.0] HPD Reliant Park - Escorts, VIP Protection
   460.525  R [123.0] HPD Reliant Park - Escorts, Traffic
   460.575  R [127.3] HFD Downtown - JHAT1, JHAT2
   460.625  R [127.3] HFD Reliant Park - JHAT3, JHAT4, JHAT5, JHAT6

NFL Super Bowl (low-power repeaters)

   461.3625 R [d 311] Channel 1 - Parking/Traffic - VIP lot, helicopter reporting parking/traffic conditions, commandpost, open mic, panthers team buses are en route, west information booth to operations, light rail is delivering more people than we expected
   461.6875 R [d 071] Channel 2 - Perimeter Security - they have two tickets for the village when can they come in, when gates open they are allowed in, commandpost, eastside perimeter, north gate has light walk-up, switching some of floodgate people, now on a cbs detail, in 15 minutes about 3000 kids coming in, go to ch1 and talk to kevin, go to ch4, go to ch3
   461.8375 R [d 503] Channel 4? - NFL Staff - press box, international broadcasting area,, they just opened corporate hospitality, need more supervisors at the gates people don't know what they're doing, not getting people through the pat-down fast enough, delivery to locker room, do we have a cart for 41 (bush senior) he's on his way, everyone go to ch. 2 unless involved in player intros, cues, coin toss, go to ch.2 for a second, hold all entertainment outside roll-up until all players are off field
   463.2125 R [d 732] Retail Concessions - programs, stand captain for 501, anita stand 501 i'm on way back up, 30 mins to doors are you fully staffed, status of your stand, 341 is men's only, switch to 2 please, call me in the warehouse, go to 3
   464.2375 R [d 364] Channel 3 - Stadium Security - weak, commandpost, ticket checker, have supervisor call commandpost, need female wander at gate 1, patriots first bus now unloading at dock, have to let CBS Radio on the field, locker room, half-time talent, only the patriots are here yet, go back to 2, should be on ch. 4, go to ch. 4
   464.6125 R [d 271] ? on channel 4, orchestra is first


   464.55   S [d 466] Main TV Production Truck (Video) - no control no picture, cable camera, 30 is back on, 30 is good

Reported (not personally verified)

   242.4    S [ CSQ ] National Guard Helicopters
   282.425  S [ CSQ ] Customs Aircraft
 1 455.875  S [d 031] Broadcast Sports Inc. RF Cameras
 2 450.2    S [ CSQ ] Broadcast Sports Inc. RF Cameras
 3 450.675  S [ CSQ ] Broadcast Sports Inc. Intercom to RF Camera Operators
 4 467.8375 S [250.3] NFL Frequency Coordinator
   469.5    S [d 023] Main TV Production Truck (Audio)
   476.25   S [     ] RF Cameras
   476.4125 S [     ] RF Audio