Northwest Communications TRS (Downtown)

Houston, Texas

Type: LTR Regular
Site: Chase Tower

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  461.175   WNVG423/WPSI502  (channel no longer in use)
05  461.4     WNVG423/WPSI502  (channel no longer in use)
07  454.1125  WPVW859  (channel no longer in use)
08  454.2     KNKM573
09  454.5375  WPVW875  (channel no longer in use)
10  454.625   KNKM573
13  463.45    WNVG423/WPSI502  (channel no longer in use)
15  463.825   WNVG423  (channel no longer in use)
18  462.15    WNVG423
19  451.8875  WNVG423  (channel no longer in use)
20  463.225   WNVG423  (channel no longer in use)

0-01-002 wrecker service
0-01-004 wrecker service
0-01-006 wrecker service
0-01-008 wrecker service
0-01-088 voice
0-01-110 voice inversion
0-01-200 test counts
0-02-056 ?
0-05-003 trucking?
0-05-004 landscape contractor
0-05-006 wrecker service
0-05-007 wrecker service
0-05-009 wrecker service
0-05-014 {1/14/2011} voice, i got meetings with three vendors in the morning
0-05-016 private buses - switch to talk-around channel 2, 59 base, leaving uvalde, base to bus 151 we need you to stop at the 59 terminal, 59 base to 1960 base
0-05-018 Integrity Towing
0-05-019 wrecker service
0-05-020 courier service - trucking, courier service? (wrecker?) - hot shot collect
0-05-021 wrecker service
0-05-022 plumbing contractor
0-05-025 voice inversion
0-05-041 voice inversion
0-05-063 voice inversion
0-05-249 security/alarm system installers
0-06-129 bogus ID? wrecker service? - down the street from me, don't do lockouts
0-07-001 voice inversion
0-07-002 voice inversion
0-07-003 voice inversion
0-07-004 voice inversion
0-07-005 data bursts
0-07-006 voice inversion
0-07-007 voice
0-07-012 data bursts, voice
0-07-017 voice inversion
0-07-032 voice inversion
0-07-042 voice inversion
0-07-051 voice inversion, clear voice
0-07-052 voice inversion
0-07-054 voice inversion, drivers, north eldridge and katy freeway
0-07-055 voice inversion
0-07-056 voice inversion
0-07-060 wrecker service
0-07-061 voice inversion
0-07-066 voice inversion
0-07-074 {11/19/2012} voice
0-07-100 key-up
0-07-101 voice inversion
0-07-103 voice inversion
0-07-104 voice inversion
0-07-105 voice inversion
0-07-106 voice inversion
0-07-107 voice inversion
0-07-108 voice inversion
0-07-109 voice inversion
0-07-100 key-ups
0-07-110 voice inversion
0-07-111 voice inversion
0-07-112 voice inversion
0-07-113 voice inversion
0-07-116 voice inversion
0-07-118 voice inversion
0-07-119 voice inversion
0-07-121 voice inversion
0-07-122 voice inversion
0-07-124 key-up
0-07-130 voice inversion
0-07-151 voice inversion
0-07-152 voice inversion
0-07-153 voice inversion
0-07-154 voice inversion
0-07-155 voice inversion
0-07-158 voice inversion
0-07-159 voice inversion
0-07-160 wrecker service
0-07-161 voice inversion
0-07-166 voice inversion
0-07-200 voice inversion
0-07-210 voice inversion
0-07-220 voice inversion
0-07-221 voice inversion
0-07-223 voice inversion
0-07-230 voice inversion
0-07-250 data bursts
0-08-001 private security (rental radios??) - i'm going to miss these radios after tomorrow, {1/8/2013} key-ups
0-08-002 air gas delivery - spanish/english, towards 45, still down i called conroe to have them check it out, leaving souper salad, normally can fix leaks within the hour, it's $65/hour for service call, my other runs, it's a rental on the tank he had from march, one more at dental, hot shot, you did the two drops with the containers, the UTs, which or building was that, 6431A fannin top loading dock, going to baylor {Hurricane Ike}, 1825 pressler UT brown foundation they have a loading dock and they're waiting, we're done with all of baylor, that's the last one in the medical center, might have you go to tomball and lucky devil, the warehouse, called back and said he is at the I bar, off of fannin, by texas womens hospital, {8/8/2011} i can call you a tow truck, i'm doing fine now i'll give you a call back, {8/26/2011} headed to baylor right now, you need to drop baylor first they're sitting on the dock waiting for that, aramark on holcombe taken care of, {12/31/2012} today can you make sure that you hit diamond game room, i'll write it up for chuck, i'll pick me up a few more siphons and i'll hit those before starting the galveston route, {1/3/2013} go ahead kelvin, {1/4/2013} 2450 holcobme they need 2 20-pound CO2s they have a bad leak and need them on-hand for the weekend, heading to taco bell in sugar land, beverage king on your way in, finished with med center route, {1/7/2013} that delivery, $150 deposit, what material are they getting, 2 20s on the paperwork, leaving galveston, name of that restaurant, {1/8/2013} 2 nitrous there, pickup the 3 20s and give them 2 50s and collect $150 deposit
0-08-003 ambulance service (with 0-08-004) - transporting, 200 houston we were transporting 2 minutes ago, 198 go ahead, 198 en route cyfair hospital, responding from 1960 and 249, 159, your eta to houston northwest, 224, beltway 8 and aldine-westfield, 246 public service the comm center, pickup at methodist take to turning point center
0-08-004 ambulance service (with 0-08-003)
0-08-005 private security - 401 to 403, 406, tell 406 to login via radio when he gets there
0-08-009 road paving - limestone, asphalt, concrete, roadway excavation to paving
0-08-010 wrecker service
0-08-011 Northwest Communications
0-08-012 private security
0-08-013 wrecker service
0-08-014 private security ch. 1 - operations (with 0-08-015)
0-08-015 private security - supervisors (with 0-08-014)
0-08-016 trash service
0-08-017 courier service
0-08-018 rental radios - political campaign, got new battery for radio, putting up signs, talking about precinct numbers?, 62, pasadena, men's club is doing it for the bazaar, doctor brando, private investigators doing surveillance, carmen i left that for you on the desk, the count was 20 for the power center, private security? rover 1 walk them out, unit calling home base, political campaign, {11/6/2010} Turkic Fest 2010 - getting the coupon becausse they're hungry, go ahead and do that, walkers or the volunteers, they're for the walkers
0-08-019 kids in the dorm need to keep the noise down because there are also grad students there, waiting on boxes to go to the warwick, command center, is someone bringing the boxes down that have to go to the warwick, global connection, high tech u, not too far from engineering building, warwick hotel, {2/26/2009} i gotta come back and the money and some keys, we need the weatherstrip, go ahead terry
0-08-020 voice inversion
0-08-021 data bursts / open mic with voice in background
0-08-022 voice inversion
0-08-023 voice inversion
0-08-024 voice inversion
0-08-025 voice inversion
0-08-029 data bursts
0-08-032 voice inversion
0-08-040 private security - spanish, {11/27/2012} HPD on property headed toward coca-cola, {12/1/2012} spanish, {12/1/2012} what's your 20, 10-4, spanish, building 80 and everything's ok, {12/29/2012} hallway 11 building 11 popping fireworks, those apartments, i walked along building 11 no one, keep a look out, spanish, what's your 20, 10-4, after i close the laundry, {12/30/2012} by building 90 in the middle, building 20, building 44 everything's ok, the property, HPD on site, ambulance, building 19, constables on the premises
0-08-043 wrecker service
0-08-044 wrecker service
0-08-045 ambulance service - going to 254 in saint luke's hospital, {6/1/2010} transporting
0-08-046 wrecker service
0-08-047 private security? - that's the second time i found that door open, i will let them know, {12/28/2010} voice, {8/13/2011} alpha bravo, {12/12/2011} voice, {6/15/2012} voice
0-08-048 wrecker service
0-08-049 wrecker service - {5/13/2010} voice, {5/16/2010} that HPD officer here, that's a sergeant, 10-4, on this density map there's a little gold colored guy, there's a legend that should tell you, they gotta train me on it so i can figure it out, {5/18/2010} this is 550 the repo hero, flat bed
0-08-050 voice inversion
0-08-051 wrecker service
0-08-052 clear voice and voice inversion, leave them a ticket, you fixed the well and it's up and running, i need to put a pressure switch on it, SPRA adapter kit
0-08-053 wrecker service
0-08-054 wrecker service
0-08-055 wrecker service
0-08-056 wrecker service
0-08-057 HVAC company
0-08-058 wrecker service
0-08-060 data bursts
0-08-061 wrecker service
0-08-062 wrecker service
0-08-063 wrecker service
0-08-064 private security - {7/12/2011} security at the Crossings at Fairmeadow apartment complex
0-08-065 voice
0-08-071 private security Ch. 1 (with 0-08-072) - {4/6/2012} back on 1
0-08-072 private security Ch. 2? (with 0-08-071) - {7/27/2011} he was issued a CTW, back over to channel 1, {8/12/2011} back to channel 1, {9/30/2011} voice, {2/25/2012} voice, radio running out of battery, sergeant, {4/6/2012} gate code is going to be the physical address backwards, going back to channel 1, {6/15/2012} you on 3, {7/1/2012} i was 10-41 i didn't get any response, going back on 1, {1/8/2013} 3-adam-12 to 3-adam-36
0-08-074 wrecker service
0-08-075 wrecker service - {11/28/2011} voice, 45 is 10-97 picking up, {11/29/2011} going to call you with a truck and trailer to tow
0-08-076 wrecker service - {12/14/2011} voice, pulled out of the ditch, bumper
0-08-077 wrecker service
0-08-078 courier service - {3/9/2012} left it on the front porch, did you leave it in the basket on the front porch, affirmative, i need to know if the client calls me, {4/20/2012} i'm at TC jester and ella, {4/24/2012} keyed-up open mic, {5/29/2012} key-ups, {10/11/2012} boxes, drop it, i know the weights don't tell me
0-08-079 wrecker service - {4/14/2012} spanish, {4/17/2012} chit chat, spanish
0-08-081 wrecker service - {6/15/2012} key-up, {7/1/2012} wrecker, 71st and capital major, loop and telephone, why didn't you call me, rolled up on it, they just called for a wrecker 4541 telephone road, private property tow, {9/6/2012} key-ups
0-08-083 wrecker service - {9/18/2012} voice, {9/24/2012} southbound feeder road, before you get to 99, disregard we got unit come on, {9/25/2012} DPS calling for wreckers, {12/3/2012} haven't heard it drop yet, {12/4/2012} voice, {12/30/2012} we should have all matched for 2 and 3, second wrecker call
0-08-084 voice inversion
0-08-086 wrecker service
0-08-087 wrecker service
0-08-090 First Class Tours - {2/23/2013} ok this is base, {2/24/2013} radio check bus bus 127, copy that, {2/28/2013} bus 142 radio check, {3/1/2013} 126, 304, ...the coordinator would like more passengers that we can put on their bus willing to pay them, {3/2/2013} ok reason i couldn't get you yesterday to call you i don't think talk-around work either, bus 126 to base, to coushatta, ETA to 1960, 131 clear, departing with 47, 160 clear, just passed 829 i'm in 127, {3/4/2013} traffic is sitting on still so if you have another route go check the other route, 130 to base for radio check, {3/5/2013} 146 has 47 passengers unit 148 has 50 passengers unit 145 has 39 passengers en route to coushatta (at 8:00 AM), {3/6/2013} base 126 radio check, 304 loud and clear, {3/7/2013} 141 how many passengers do you have, {3/8/2013} ETA to 1960, ETA to 59, 144 base, 133 departing with 67, {3/9/2013} 145 to base, 165 to base, i have 47 en route to coushatta, 165 clear, 139 clear, 165 you need your manifest, {3/10/2013} 137 with 51 copy, bbb, 130 with 49 clear, 130 clear, 
0-08-095 courier service - {2/5/2013} 114, clear the ticket out, mapp caster, since it's going to be delivered last, total weight on the 2 boxes of 68 pounds, 119, got the other one picked up, 24 inch by 75 pounds, pickup number, bill number, direct collect
0-08-100 private buses? - all the buses, are there a lot of buses over there yet, i got to get out of the parking lot, 27 to 43, once you get past the beltway switch back to dispatch channel, is there anyone else on the radio, over the ship channel in two minutes, i'm going to switch over to dispatch, me too, {9/10/2011} football players
0-08-101 {3/29/2014} spanish, DTMF, {6/6/2015} DTMF, key-ups, {1/24/2017} spanish, loud and clear, 10-4, 1 5 on 3, dispatch, i'm on red hopper 19523, wash it out when you get back to the yard, {1/25/2017} spanish, DTMF, you're behind me, {4/11/2017} spanish, {4/12/2017} wash out, pump, spanish, DTMF
0-08-103 ambulance service
0-08-106 voice inversion - {3/1/2015} voice inversion
0-08-110 wrecker service - {1/24/2017} other side of broadway, telephone, spanish, wayside, hook it up, {1/25/2017} spanish
0-08-200 Radio Maintenance
0-08-208 voice inversion - {3/1/2015} voice inversion
0-08-209 gas cylinder delivery - {1/24/2017} riverstone or sienna, gloves, pickup 20 cylinders and bring them in, lifts
0-08-220 private security? - {2/27/2016} key-ups, voice, {1/24/2017} 95 clear, 10-97, 93 checking, 93 clear, 85 clear, {1/25/2017} 61 clear, 61 checking, that's clear 61, 91 clear, 87 clear
0-08-222 voice inversion
0-08-225 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza Security - {11/10/2011} key-ups, dead air, {11/15/2011} voice, {11/28/2011} stairwell B, {11/29/2011} i'll be there, put me on 14 and show me on 16, put me on 16 put me on 17, clear, clear me off 17 put me on 18, clear me off 19 show me on 20, medical plaza come in, clear me off 20 show me on 21, clear me on 21 show me on 22, {12/4/2011} perimeter, clear on 18, clear from 19 show me going to 20, door 2038 open for ventilation show me going to 21, clear 22 going to 23, clear 23 going to 24, clear 24 going to 25, clear 25 going to 26, clear 26 going to 27, clear 27 going to 28, clear 28 going to 29, clear 29 going to 30, clear me off 30, show me headed to the roof
0-08-225 private security - {1/24/2017} terminal A, Lee Road and the Belt
0-08-247 wrecker service - {1/24/2017} something's burning in channelview, 2 wreckers by me
0-09-001 Houston CaribFest 2007 - i have it in my truck, the booth, we have a performer looking for you, where are they going to perform at, are you by the front gate, you are needed at the front gate, tennis courts, start off at the tennis courts no exceptions, need key to the golf cart, the band, backstage, shelly, who's allowed backstage, center court, trash bags, allison, come to the gate, any volunteers to bring ice/water to the ems tent, marilyn, hospitality area, his host, in the park, {1/17/2013} key-ups
0-09-003 let's see what they do, {12/1/2010} voice, {2/10/2011} winch it up, wait until they're done
0-09-004 wrecker service - not going to tow anything here this evening, what wrecker service is this, just need to pull him out of the grass and he can drive off, blocking a moving lane, i can be there in 10 minutes
0-09-005 they're receiving an alarm, i did lock it and set the alarm, are you there, are you on channel 1 on your radio, you're a lot clearer now, wait till you get unloaded, {11/20/2010} bring it back to the yard, meet up with mister garza and have lunch, he's riding around in the yukon, {5/19/2012} keyed-up with music playing
0-09-006 voice inversion
0-09-009 wrecker service
0-09-010 voice inversion
0-09-012 we are completely out of power at island, generators are all shutdown, 365 to 300 i'm here now i shut off the generator to see if we have power
0-09-013 spanish/english, check the modem, i-tac out, turn on the light so you don't trip on the cables, i'm going to plug the modem in, modem didn't do a full reset, base, unit 3, can you use your property management software to check, that's negative, unit 10 to base can you give me a MAC address on, last four on the MAC address are 40C0
0-09-014 wrecker service
0-09-017 private security - open mic, voice, radio check, robert-2 radio check, do you have contact with the second guard, what's your 20, 10-robert-20
0-09-018 wrecker service
0-09-021 tread, won't fit on this trailer, headed that way, we got everything signed, northbound side, between bay area blvd, i'll cut across back roads and 518, i dropped them off in front of cavender's boots place, i picked up that big long stretch there, unit 1 to unit 5, when you get here you'll see the crane, {4/10/2010} job site, on highway 3, in sheldon, where is the motorgrader on highway 3, {3/31/2012} just don't want you to have a deal like you had last night, {5/19/2012} voice, {1/3/2013} nobody checked them tires, 3 tires, {1/4/2013} hook up your trailer, loaded rolling, base to 6, on your way to unload, {2/23/2013} voice, {7/9/2013} pretty big dozer, bring you the permit
0-09-022 courier service
0-09-024 ambulance service
0-09-025 wrecker service - is it empty, if you got gas to get it, our a/c isn't working, we're en route now, it's still the same run number, is that a constable unit, EMS can't find this wreck
0-09-026 voice inversion
0-09-027 private security? - supervisor coming on duty at 10:00 PM, 21-David to 10-David, i'm right behind you, has the police been called, {4/16/2010} call the city police and send them out here, {4/24/2010} 102 to 101, {6/2/2010} voice
0-09-028 voice inversion, {12/31/2012} spanish, {1/4/2013} key-up, {1/7/2013} jose, {1/12/2013} spanish, freightliner, transmission, {2/22/2013} spanish, {3/1/2013} spanish, yokhama low profile
0-09-029 wrecker service
0-09-030 wrecker service
0-09-031 courier service - pick-up a direct, valero texas city, pick-up a direct, valero texas city, regular collect, hang out, am i picking up a check here, direct pre-paid
0-09-032 courier service - can you hear me it's your wife i just got back from the grocery store, sterling chemical, pick up at quality lining, pick up a direct two bundles going to building F
0-09-034 wrecker service
0-09-035 wrecker service
0-09-036 concrete delivery? - spanish
0-09-038 wrecker service - turn your beacons on, the guards will get you, so you want me to head that way, anytime after 5:30m you can go, 290 and barker cypress, give them prisoners name call county and get case number, i got the numbers to call the sheriff's department with, private property and take them to storage lot, i'll be in jail and you'll be in jail, harris county will come out and look at the lot, crash or abandon, what i'd give for a stolen, private property out of exxon been there 3 days take it and get $100
0-09-039 wrecker service
0-09-041 wrecker service
0-09-042 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 Buses between hotels and convention center - the drivers need to know if we're done, no they're here until 9:00 PM, i'm gonna start stacking them on the other side, bus 5580 picked up 5 passengers and is en route to you, bus to convention center at 8:00 PM
0-09-044 wrecker service - 10-4, labor charge $15, 10-4 delta good job, disregard 4945, lockout, 5081 show me en route, that's a small dealership, kilo, can't find vehicle in the complex, tango 97, i'm in tow, bravo to base
0-09-045 private security - 85 clear, that's clear 23, 87 clear, 97 clear, 23 checking, that's clear, out of service at the office, OD, 85 clear, maybe the unit working 3650, 95, {3/22/2012} clear 95 91 clear, {3/26/2012} SO 3300, 91 clear, {3/28/2012} 91 clear, 71 clear, 91 OD 2450, {4/6/2012} 23 SO at 3696, {4/12/2012} SO at 3696, {5/20/2012} SO 3200, 91 clear, {5/xx/2012} SO at 3650
0-09-046 did not copy, how long will you be on station, approximately another hour, your mic keyed-up on this station, {9/5/2011} tower 10 1 2 3 4, out, {1/12/2013} key-ups, {2/28/2013} key-up
0-09-048 courier service - what type of building is this, it's a 2-story building with multiple suites inside, where did it come from, pricewaterhouse, how thick is this envelope, will they let you up to the suite, they won't let me in the building, any phone number on it go through your page anything there, no phone number of the pager, 113, 190 down and headed for ricky rocket
0-09-050 ambulance service primary (with 0-09-051) - i got you clear of call, have you back en route to rhc again, nature of the call, renal failure, clearing you got you en route, 24 is out with 4 miles, 22 dispatch, we're on scene, {11/13/2012} dispatch, medic 28 is transporting
0-09-051 ambulance service secondary (with 0-09-050) - we're clear, which district would you like us to be in, 25 go ahead, 25 page received and en route, en route to alexander rehab, pasadena 1, 21, you're meeting 24, we'll be operating off primary john is about to make an all page, pasadena 1 switching over, i'm going back to dispatch channel
0-09-052 ambulance service - voice, dispatch, i'm transporting, she will not be going to dialysis, transporting
0-09-053 wrecker service - need a gasket on both sides of it, waiting for pressure, do you have a 6-inch 300 skillet and a set of extra long studs and gaskets, {8/13/2012} key-up, {8/14/2012} voice inversion, {12/2/2012} voice inversion, {12/30/2012} kinda slow tonight you working new year's eve night, my wrecker, i don't work on new year's, {12/31/2012} 2.5 hours since i loaded, i checked a few properties
0-09-055 Southern Star concrete delivery - shadowdale is that what we're looking for, brittmoore, westview dead ends into brittmoore, i'm on the beltway, they're waiting for you let me give them a shout, {2/11/2012} more to pour, 1 yard, he's going to do it monday, they'll let them use the plant water, can i wash out at holmes road, they're completely shut down, catch your water at renwick, how about you 101 jose, {3/17/2012} the police got the streets blocked off, look for the flagman and he'll show you where to park, they did the last load they're going to shut it down
0-09-056 wrecker service - dropped a minor, i didn't hear it, the sign shop, he got the measurements already, did adam already go up there, at highway 6, i'm trying to get out of whataburger and traffic is ridiculous, i was going to roll that way i'm at 290 now
0-09-057 {1/21/2013} voice
0-09-058 wrecker service
0-09-060 Earth Engineering, Inc.? geotechnical/soil analysis - {1/17/2013} voice, {1/19/2013} on my way to seller brothers, {1/21/2013} just picked up the one from bayport, the one by summerwood, base, 10-6 from filling station with 6 cylinders, dark gray sandy clay, light gray sandy clay, picked up 16 cylinders, neil construction they have 10 yards over there, arrowmont is the contractor, job number, go down until you get to the model homes, 4 cylinders off of 10 yards, 4 cylinders on 43 yards, {2/21/2013} pick-up 4 cylinders, {2/22/2013} tan red light gray sandy clay 1 16 4 at 13 3, 40 yards picked up 6 cubes, it's a little tank farm, {3/8/2013} have to cut another core and move over, at the guard shack at ellington waiting for my escort, 12 cylinders over there, i need the beginning and ending station numbers, head over to houston fuel oil, you left all your badges on this truck, go by south houston and pickup cylinders, contractor is not going to be able to get them concrete until 2:00 PM, pickup cylinders at granite, {3/9/2013} 1 for OTTI, he got me some spots to shoot he got the plans over here, picked up 4 cylinders, {3/13/2013} left him 2 cylinders, got 6 cylinders from targa, from east water purification plant, they're going to have concrete at 12 pick up cylinders, got run out there and pick up more cylinders, CBR you need a parker bag not a PI bag now we got a run out there and get more cylinders, it's going to be tan light gray sandy clay at 1160 and 13.3, i got a ticket for a huntington bend, compacting still waiting on concrete, i'm 10-1 at 802 crenshaw i need a gate code, i already did the formalizaton but it looks like i need to do another section they already put the lime in and going over it i got like a 1200 foot long i'm going to take 5 shots of it, need to do pulvarization on it, they're already mixing that one spot now and then he's going to wait 48 hours, i can check what he's already mixing now, no do it after it's cured, they were supposed to be mixing a section over here, they already rolled and compacted it, going to take 6 samples along it and take my shots there, i collected a proctor and did 6 shots blind
0-09-080 wrecker service
0-09-094 wrecker service
0-09-100 {6/29/2013} voice inversion
0-09-101 spanish
0-09-110 voice inversion
0-09-120 key-up
0-10-002 wrecker service
0-10-004 trucking - how much gas does your truck have, how are you going to bill it, check the schedule, the store, have to be there at 7 going direct to the OEM, the camouflage hides the mud, nothing holding for the morning, have them sign for it, your truck, the one in the morning requires a trailer as well, 1000 lbs 1 pallet
0-10-005 wrecker service
0-10-006 ambulance service
0-10-008 spanish/english, trucking, go to texas molecular and drop off then go back, want to get that unloaded, where you at, i'm outside of the yard, it's not supposed to be flat face, another order, {4/20/2010} you're picking up a JW we can fax the paperwork and maybe you can deliver it too, what's the PO, PO is 21298
0-10-009 private security (apartments) - laundry room, spoke with manager, he spoke with me, he spoke to you but he also said he spoke to a manager, between phase 1 and phase 2, parking, 301 will meet you, spanish, en route to 9303 townpark at this time, 311, 304, hispanic male highly intoxicated escorted off, 330, you'll be working at 6505 hillcroft on sunday, 6200 gessner apartments at town park
0-10-010 possibly second channel with 0-10-009? - i'm inside do i need to go outside, give me a call on ruben's cell phone
0-10-011 data bursts, spanish/english
0-10-012 wrecker service
0-10-015 ambulance service
0-10-016 private security
0-10-019 ambulance service
0-10-020 private security
0-10-021 voice inversion
0-10-022 private security - 5xx units - {5/19/2012} one in custody for assault and PI, i'll have HPD on the way
0-10-023 private security - 725 go ahead, are you at the office, got the car, put the phone and the charger in the mailbox, 724 go ahead, will make two checks before going north, so we'll have an officer at walgreens at 11
0-10-024 wrecker service (voice inversion)
0-10-025 private security - going to channel 2 (unheard)
0-10-026 wrecker service
0-10-027 back to cy-fair, 45920
0-10-028 {1/18/2013} everything's got to be picked up and delivered, ticket, {1/21/2013} key-up, {3/8/2013} on 59 headed your way, {6/7/2013} last stop, swing by lehman's gasket they got some material i need, go to GE first, they're giving me some 2x6 nipples i don't know if you're going to cut them, 8 2x6 schedule 160 nipples, 1.5x6 got 6 of those, got 12 3/4x6 that's what they gave me, going to double check the order
0-10-028 private security? - {2/28/2015} jojo you be careful and hang tight let office bruce get them, going to get the 6 good guys and 6 bad guys, officer jojo i need your help
0-10-029 spanish
0-10-030 private security - spanish/english, 328 loud and clear, 348 base, 300, base to 371 what part of the property are you in right now, i'm in apartment 190, go to front of the property the manager is looking for you
0-10-031 ambulance service
0-10-032 Cox Radio Houston - radio equipment/tower maintenance - strobes, resistors, ambient temperature inside the housing, cool and damp, little break in the seal, flash tubes, challenge FAA and strobe all the time on scott road, red lights for the neighborhoods, scott road is red is that because it's near conroe, did you check that NOTAM, it's in the log, gotta get up there and work on those lights, it would be on the montgomery county airport ATIS, williams tower, marti, IFB via phone, ISDN line, CRH repeater, KKBQ repeater, houston, metro, SRS, PRN, traffic, i'm on texas ave
0-10-033 wrecker service
0-10-034 pool service - spanish/english, pools, filter, compressor, i'll let you know when the compressor gets here, do it with two trucks, can i get the address, it will be ready in one hour, 12xx green oak key map 373P, i'll tell them how to get there
0-10-036 Sheldon ISD School Buses Special Events/Wide Area - post-football game bus convoy, hanging a left on 105, we're going to hop back on hardy again, straight shot on 35 through pearland, 124, head lights on, take south street all the way to 35, left turn on highway 35, two lights before the beltway, right turn on the feeder, one lane left so we don't have to deal with that lane going away at liberty lakes, on tidwell, middle of the parking lot, drivers make sure to change your radios back over to the sheldon channel
0-10-037 Top Gun Security and Investigations - {4/16/2010} that's clear arrival, 503, clear of [something] square, show me out on two black males by the leasing office we're going to find out what their business is on property, {5/8/2010} that officer just showed up on post, {5/24/2010} villa america, 4700 wenda, shots fired, he's DRT, they have me in the back of a squad car
0-10-038 wrecker service
0-10-039 key-ups, spanish, {6/7/2013} key-up
0-10-042 voice inversion
0-10-043 wrecker service
0-10-045 trucking - ocean transmission, it says stuck in high gear, drop the truck at the mack dealer, i can drop the truck, without calling a tow truck, {2/4/2011} how long until you get to century, {4/1/2011} he wants you to go to precision flame cutting in the morning, {12/31/2012} nobody said anything about them being closed today, some lady unlocking the gate right now, he doesn't have the bill of lading, going to take it all to hydro at the same time, sutton is closed, circle b, they're in a gallon form, {1/3/2013} you want to send him to lonestar, FSI, i got an order that needs to be delivered to FMC before you go to lonestar, come back to the yard, {1/4/2013} office is closed, {1/18/2013} go to jack rabbit steel and pick up a part, pick-up pallets and cardboard at FMC
0-10-046 ambulance service - my patient is telling me, left onto west 20th street, turn left on ashland street, left on 20th from the heights, go ahead 89, at destination, mileage 4689, hospital, comm center 66, en route to crossroads
0-10-047 we are here back at harborview, that's clear time is 1156, 802 dispatch, checking by cell phone to see if he's at shepherd yet, dispatch to 8107, switch to the north channel, 802 back at the station, show us transporting, i've got red snapper and catfish call the house for me and have them open the gate
0-10-048 hotel shuttle in texas medical center area - need to go the medical center, need to go to spring hill for a drop off, residence inn, texas childrens, that's where they were dropped off, mobile to the courtyard, phone number for the courtyard, eta on md anderson main pickup guest waiting 20 minutes, you gave me the number for the hampton inn, i'm at rice university gate 8 but no one is here, go to the lobby for the 5:30, i'll bring them back to the hotel, he will take a short cut to the marriott, head back to residence so i can give you the schedule
0-10-051 wrecker service - {5/18/2012} contract price, tow it, not worth my time, did they just drop another wrecker call
0-10-052 come down you'll see our truck on the right side, they're moving boxes right now so i have to wait, just remember the oil is going to be hot so don't burn yourself, 102 101, trunk number 15143 is not here, they had one more truck but it wasn't here today, we'll get it monday, brake line, brake pod, once i'm past highway 36 i'll be close, once past rosenberg you'll be close
0-10-054 plumbing supply delivery - {1/3/2013} bring it in and unload it, take it across the street in the parking lot, i don't have many orders, pick-up part of the stock order make sure you get some heater pans, i'll start loading your truck, put it on a flatbed, insulation, risers and insulation, pull in the middle of the yard, put it in 44, {1/4/2013} pick it up with trailer, he's got some sharpshooters at turners hardware, west gray, {1/21/2013} i picked up 6 of them, bring that other stuff to base, you got a PO, 1.25 inch galvanized, part number, load some tubs and get on back, make a pick-up, CMR, only 1 pallet, if they got any other steel get it, RTD, 6 pallets of our stuff, 20 boxes of 5 18 bottoms, stan roberts, {2/22/2013} C&B shop headed to you john, we'll unload it, call me when you got both picked up, take the reducers to general, zero them bushings, come back to base
0-10-071 {4/2/2012} 3-adam-3 radio check
0-10-100 {Hurricane Ike}, testing 5-4-3-2-1
0-10-200 test count
0-13-003 Momentum Air - Continental Airlines Employee Shuttle at IAH (with 0-13-004 and 0-15-007) -- now obsolete
0-13-004 Momentum Air - Continental Airlines Inter-terminal Passenger Shuttle at IAH (with 0-13-003 and 0-15-007) - this is terminal B, i have a passenger at C going to A -- now obsolete
0-13-006 taxi - base (with 0-13-007) - voucher is not authorized she must pay cash or credit card, when you're going off post, bus in the woodlands, passenger name, usair 1137 out of pittsburgh, incoming hobby, you car broke down
0-13-007 taxi - mobiles (with 0-13-006) - with 20 minutes, at the office, car broke down not brakes
0-13-008 wrecker service
0-13-200 key-ups
0-14-218 ? voice, bogus talkgroup?
0-15-001 ambulance service
0-15-004 spanish/english, pour concrete pad, we'll probably put it on an air conditioner pad instead of pouring one, are you ok
0-15-005 wrecker service? - bring truck in when you get here, you want to wait on the train or drive all the way around, 278 total, on the side of the road
0-15-006 ambulance service
0-15-007 Momentum Air - Continental Airlines Passenger Buses at IAH between terminals and remote stands for Terminals A and B (with 0-13-003 and 0-13-004), need a bus at 103 you're going back for the crew -- now obsolete
0-15-008 need wasp nest taken care of, they need a hose at the pavilion, it's at central plant, people here with head start event tomorrow need to put water in room 212
0-15-009 HVAC contractor - writing out the ticket, motor, i don't have another motor
0-15-010 data bursts
0-15-012 voice inversion, {1/8/2013} keyed-up
0-15-013 data bursts
0-15-014 wrecker service
0-15-015 voice inversion
0-15-017 wrecker service
0-15-020 spanish/english, accident 7200 south loop east at telephone
0-15-021 voice inversion
0-15-022 fuel almost full, the racetrack, radio check
0-15-024 wrecker service
0-15-025 wrecker service
0-15-028 private investigator (currently) - rental radios? party/wedding planners? courier service? - is she available tomorrow if we put her on around 4, data bursts, water beer champagne ice, i have the bride and we're en route to the church, how many people in your car, 9 people, off to missouri city, she needs a duplicate key to get into that lock, valences, not going to follow her out of town, try her again later, second time i've been there no response, family or district, law firm, if you didn't pick it up, worked at cantoni's, what i saw on video, try to film him driving if possible he drives like a bat out of hell, might want to jump on him at this light because we might miss him, family or district, law firm, if you didn't pick it up, {4/21/2010} following a car, we might have to put the tracker on it, you can take the truck instead, {1/8/2013} see if you can serve him, have to go by courthouse
0-15-030 sector 1, sector 4, you can secure, they're staying in for the rest of the night, i'm leaving
0-15-035 voice inversion
0-15-036 private security - i have fire and ambulance on property, i'm going to be in the spring branch area, out on a male laying down, code 4, david 18, david 20
0-15-037 {5/4/2013} key-up
0-15-040 HVAC service - 10 dollar credit, through three twentynine, i'll go inside and get a credit card and call you if that's ok with you, check on the internet when C&D scrap metal closes, i'm about 2 minutes out, how are you mentally are you wiped out, i'm in better spirits now that i'm leaving, i think mister hugo liked you, that's good jake, recharge for the 4-and-one-half ton, i'll get you a price on that, need quote on a 3.5 ton heat pump, you want a goodman, 3.5 ton fan coil with electric heat
0-18-001 data bursts
0-18-005 data bursts
0-19-001 data bursts, {1/21/2013} key-ups
0-19-002 data bursts
0-19-003 data bursts
0-19-005 data bursts
0-20-002 dump trucks - get you a load of clay, johnny is the last truck, load count, that location needs 16, loads of form dirt
0-20-004 courier service
0-20-009 wrecker service
0-20-020 we've got a lot of work to do monday, can i get in trouble riding around with BB guns, give me a call from the school tomorrow, are there manuals for these radios somewhere, there's a whole kit that comes with these radios but these are just demos for us to use