Hurricane Laura Scanner Frequencies

Houston, Texas - August 26-28, 2020

The frequencies below were monitored in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Laura response activities. Most activity was related to either convoys passing through Houston or aircraft operating in the area.

41.0M150.0Texas Army National Guard helicopters
123.025MCSQHelicopter Air-to-Air
123.475MCSQAerial Surveying Air-to-Air
141.575M127.3Civil Air Patrol Command 1
150.225M162.2Civil Air Patrol Guard 1
151.025M100.0Texas Department of Transportation Statewide Talk-around 1
151.1375M156.7VTAC11 - car-to-car
154.265M156.7VFIRE22 - car-to-car
154.28M156.7VFIRE21 - car-to-car, "get fuel"
154.295M156.7VFIRE23 - car-to-car
155.16MCSQconvoy to Beaumont, "task force," "we have explicit orders," "make sure you've got water and MREs"
155.34M156.7VMED28 - "we're rolling," "over by the fuel truck," "ambulances"
156.2175Mn 162DPS Air
157.15SCSQMarine 23A - USCG aircraft
158.7375Mn 162DPS Executive Protection
159.435M203.5? - car-to-car
161.7S156.7KTRK 13 News helicopter
163.05Sn 293USCG CG112 - encrypted
163.1375Sn 293USCG CG113 - encrypted
166.4625Mn 001Federal Common - encrypted
275.425MCSQTexas Army National Guard helicopters
288.5SCSQTexas Air National Guard Command Post (EFD)
410.8Rn 798FPS Dispatch Houston - "en route to Lake Charles Louisiana"
413.025Sn 293USCG CG411 - air operations - clear/encrypted
769.74375Rn 2937TAC55 - Harris County OEM - "resource request for ICBRC was processed," "expect that around noon tomorrow."