Houston Two-Way Radio TRS (Downtown)

Houston, Texas

a.k.a. Fleet Talk Services TRS. This system is no longer online.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: Chase Tower

Frequencies (in LCN order):
02  488.6625  WPTW967
05  488.8125  WPUK764
08  488.9375  WPUK444
10  489.3875  KNT386
12  488.6375  WPTY862
14  488.7875  WPUK444

0-02-001 Radio Maintenance - are they selling on the missouri city and tamina sites yet, don't know you have to ask the sales department, missouri is done but i don't think tamina has all the equipment yet
0-02-109 are you there
0-02-111 Rental Radios - HLSR 2006/2009 Livestock - key-ups, main gate, livestock, how many purples do we have, three purples, HLSR 2009 livestock at 288 do you have room for one pig, 2 cattle as well do you have room for them
0-02-112 loading buses
0-02-113 45 in pearland right now, to the convention center, come to the hyatt
0-02-115 furniture/appliance rental - pedestrian traffic, the gate, i'm trying to get into the apartments, use the call box, if we don't get our merchandise back we'll have the sheriff or constable out there, the store, on bissonnet headed toward gessner, truck 1 to base returning, sofa, bunk bed
0-02-117 furniture/appliance rental - spanish/english, they're calling, going to pay, pick-up the bedroom
0-02-120 cemetery, channel A (with 0-02-121)
0-02-121 cemetery, channel B (with 0-02-120)
0-02-123 voice
0-02-125 Rental Radios - lot of traffic headed your way, we're inbound, inbound to GRB, basic 3, medic 2, hp houston marathon 2004 (medical), Al Green political campaign, at the hilton confirm if you're doing ok on your end, kevin this is rebecca call me on my cell phone, need handicapped bus at the hilton, any entertainers can take the buses over, entertainers at the four seasons being taken care of
0-02-126 Rental Radios - houston marathon 2008 EMS, stand by for possible reassignment, medic 7, houston marathon 2009 medical
0-02-128 Rental Radios - HLSR 2009 - {3/6/2009} electrical outlet, cannot find where to plug this in, i'll be right down, power zone, i'm over here dropping off t-shirts, this is matt, we'll be heading over to clean up, just drizzling if it gets heavy we can close down the booths, need broom, it's at the power zone
0-02-132 furniture/appliance rental - ask maintenance if the people moved if they did just come back to the store, collect the money, laptop, one of the customers we're supposed to go see is here
0-02-135 ambulance service
0-02-140 Houston Two-Way Radio - feeders, RG-8, half-inch connectors, appointment in channelview, livestock show, was at the office i had to redirect the phones, allied concrete was having some intermod issues, our customer is WSI not billing equistar $80/hour and $210 site visit charge, change all them frequencies, WSI does their own radios, renting them frequencies we license them, WSI should be able to help with programming
0-02-144 furniture/appliance rental - 84 dollars, the store, 55" LCD sony tv
0-02-146 furniture/appliance rental? - used to be: Rental Radios - ops at GRB convention center, strobes on the 3rd floor, maintenance looking at it, the expo, taking 10 boxes of oranges and bananas to the texas childrens tables, i moved gatorade concentrate to the back of grb need most of it for the finish line, hp houston marathon 2004 (admin), ped struck downtown
0-02-147 Rental Radios - Houston Marathon 2009 - course channel repeater is down have to use the main channel, the open course channel is not supposed to be repeater it's radio-to-radio
0-05-102 furniture/appliance rental
0-05-104 {11/21/2009} voice, {12/19/2011} voice, make sure it's tightened down, push it down so it's locked in
0-05-105 Harper Wood Electric - go back to regular channel, fannin garage, in the shop i'm headed over there now, the bird has flown the coop, country come in this is international, one truck headed your way and that's it for today, in the stadium, we have 15 here but we need 45, really starting to get warm in the stadium can you grab my jacket, jason said they were at the blue lot, guard shack, day pass, the lady at the orange lot had three left, one side of the catwalk lights i gotta get on, between a blue tahoe, lost it behind the tundra, kneeling behind another one, how many rows back was it on 21, davis you are still on this channel, jamail can you hear me, we're back here in blue, date of birth, driver license number, social security number, stage, {11/10/2009} it needs to go up to the flight deck, whole stadium no where to put a rope
0-05-106 George R. Brown Convention Center - {7/3/2009} where are you located, i'm stage right, {10/13/2009 at 10:50 PM} voice, {3/8/2012} open mic
0-05-107 Houston International Jazza Festival 2009? - {8/1/2009} someone making meow noises, green truck in the parking lot, meet me there ASAP, going to the park, can see you from the office, i'm at the pool
0-05-109 at receiving 1 need to know how to get to locker room
0-05-110 spanish
0-05-115 concrete delivery
0-05-120 connectors, will have to cut out tiles, fill pipe with water
0-05-122 furniture/appliance rental - i got five people in the store i'm trying to take care of
0-05-124 furniture/appliance rental - haven't finished with the fallout yet, what's her open looking like, run those payments and let me know, door hangars are on the floor, door tags were not there she wasn't there, get that to that customer on sherwood, money on criswell, the other account, on hollister, she made a payment, he must pay or return the tv
0-05-125 Rental Radios - lots of loud background noise, switchover to regular channel 3 so we can hear, do you have enough buses for west houston, they took their kids back, sugarland bus, any coaches there that need to go to the hotel, 10 kids waiting on host families, doubletree, jcc, emory-weiner is clear i'm on my way to the J, private security?, table setup for JV in the corner, has heard nothing from delay's security people, if they don't pickup tickets for briefing tomorrow we'll redistribute them at 3, they're supposed to come to the game, loading buses, dropping at hotel, hospitality not scheduled to open until 10 but open it now, make sure the bartender is available to start early, still one couple dancing, pickup pasadena, pickup baytown, mike is picking up 45, picking-up kettles at stores around metro area, they have a new site in missouri city as of 2 weeks ago, switch to channel 1 (not heard), Museum District Day 2009 shuttle buses
0-05-127 Rental Radios?
0-05-132 furniture/appliance rental - store, we do not collect payments in the field, did you get a receipt, fifty dollars, because of the late fees, on the phone with her right now, did you get the A/C, she didn't have the money to pay
0-05-134 home base, customer
0-05-136 truck 2, come back to the store right now, the tv
0-05-142 furniture/appliance rental - are you on your way back, did you stop by the apartment office, the apartment is empty, getting a 52 inch sony, living room
0-05-144 exterminator
0-05-146 Rental Radios - houston marathon 2006, washer and dryer delivery, deliveries
0-05-147 Rental Radios? - HLSR 2008? we have some cones over where the ERT team was
0-08-100 shipping-related, waiting on inbound ship, contact harbormaster, docking instructions, is that one of our boats, barges
0-08-101 furniture/appliance rental - go to apartment 261 and pick-up a laptop, nobody here and door tag still on the door, i called them and they answered so i know they're home hit them next
0-08-105 Smith Protective Services - West Primary, 1xx units
0-08-107 furniture/appliance rental - did you get her a rental car, 8236, not due until the 14th, they came in, they already came in, i'm gonna come in and get the rest of it, refrigerator, i took it, stop by and pick up that money, refrigerator delivery put on the account no phone in the home, deliveries, don't park in front, pickup the washer and dryer
0-08-110 concrete delivery
0-08-112 furniture/appliance rental? - you've got yvonda hayes tonight remember, $112, angela jones on the phone, the store, i'm headed back, call the store, {11/30/2010} back to the store, you're at beltway 8 and 290
0-08-114 furniture/appliance rental - call us back once you're finished there, to get the fridge out take the bottom grill off and slide it out of the kitchen, tv, they have no money so pickup both
0-08-116 furniture/appliance rental - bring back that playstation, living room set, new subdivision not on the key map
0-08-118 furniture/appliance rental - $100 payment, tell her we're here right now on the property, she was in the store, couch
0-08-120 furniture/appliance rental - delivery, compressor we took out there, pick up her payment, do the washer, couches
0-08-122 furniture/appliance rental - the store, i turned on the street i'm trying to find her house right now, i'm talking about the computer desk, nobody was there, we're done for the day come in to the store, {1/7/2011} we're still here but we're waiting on you, i've still got one payment to pick-up then i'm coming back
0-08-125 Rental Radios - campaign election day operations for Houston District H special election 5/9/2009, voted for yolanda, 5 for gonzales union members
0-08-127 Rental Radios
0-08-128 furniture/appliance rental? - at the back door, deliveries, the store
0-08-132 furniture/appliance rental - store, three pick-ups, i charged them for everything but that, delivery, living room, playstation, pick-up a living room, refrigerator
0-08-137 voice
0-08-140 on a portable in la porte loud and clear, 59 & hopper
0-08-142 voice, come back to the store, we're supposed to call the customer before we go, {11/19/2011} voice, the neighbor said she left 20-30 minutes before i got there
0-08-144 furniture/appliance rental? - come in taylor, what's up bro, be back in a minute she won't open the door, beating on the door man, did you get in the house, we're almost to the store
0-08-146 furniture/appliance rental - he was on his way to make payment, i picked up the money, what about brenda, come back to the store, it's hard with the credit i'm running their credit twice, {1/15/2011} she works two jobs supposedly, $200, bedroom, laptop
0-10-100 got a customer in the store, pick-up a refrigerator there
0-10-102 furniture/appliance rental - i'll be pulling up in a minute, on my way back to the store, on a service call, need to pay $88 in late fees, picture-in-picture, she has the remote here, the store
0-10-105 private security - how does that other camera look, are you in the back room, i don't have a monitor for that camera here, push button for multiscreen display, push number 1/2/3/4 to see each individual camera, tapping on camera can you tell which one, the camera pointed at the door
0-10-107 furniture/appliance rental - can i take the 120 will that be enough to get her to the fifth, i'm not coming back until i've got a truck full of property, come back to the store
0-10-110 key-ups
0-10-112 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) 2006 - Satellite Parking
0-10-113 handle on that pump, we're rolling again to 21 and one-half
0-10-118 route 1, the route, store come in, washer and dryer
0-10-121 furniture/appliance rental - the other tv, if you can't fix it we'll take them another one tomorrow, didn't answer the door, come back to the store, head back to the store
0-10-123 mattress delivery
0-10-125 Rental Radios - light rail opening day activities "citywide 1", hp houston marathon 2004, bike team 1 inside GRB, judges, parade route, i'll give you a map showing the reviewing stand, joe is parade 1, he'll be parade 2, you got 22 go, 02 to 22, last door at baggage claim that's where they are, dressing rooms are really hot, as soon as he finishes his performance bring him back to the hotel, george r brown, univision cinco de mayo event, Komen Race for the Cure 2007, houston marathon 2008 EMS bike teams, houston marathon 2009, HLSR trail ride 2009?, HLSR 2009 "Satellite Services", {11/13/2009} have an injured player, {11/14/2009} Partnership Walk - come to registration booth i'm standing in front of the first banner, yellow ticket, need balloons at the kid zone, signing autographs, i'm not on site, i can come to the stage, village will be closing, golf balls have been dropped, he'e making it around the stadium make an announcement that balls have been dropped
0-10-126 Rental Radios - we don't have lobster, do we have shrimp or crab, we can use crawfish, crab cake, first course, salad dressing, dessert, i'm in this building at rice and you're loud and clear, hp houston marathon 2004, where to drop off our stuff from the aid station, houston marathon 2006 medical, houston marathon 2008 medical, houston marathon 2009 medical, HLSR 2009 shuttle buses, Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park 2009 Shuttle Buses
0-10-127 Rental Radios?
0-10-132 surveillance - gray and st. joseph, that's not it
0-10-135 deliveries to homes, i had only 4 stops today
0-10-137 furniture/appliance rental
0-10-139 {3/14/2009 st. patrick's day parade/HLSR 2009} someone please come to the information area with your radio 
0-10-142 base come back
0-10-144 did you pick-up
0-10-146 Rental Radios - hp houston marathon 2004, i'm in the press room, what to do with all these extra cups i don't have room to store them at the boat show, heading out to pickup barricades on lamar, do you still have info booths open, make announcements that GRB is closing at 1:45, is technology on the net, need centercorp people to break down barricades, houston marathon 2008
0-12-085 can you hear me, i can hear you, we're going to leave when you get back
0-12-100 loaded and en route, pallets, get those tubs
0-12-102 run her with 2 weeks on the credit card, your cologne lady was in here looking for you, {10/2/2010} ask if she is a shared customer
0-12-105 Smith Protective Services - North Primary, 2xx units
0-12-107 appliance/furniture rental - "housekeeping", got a customer, i'm directing traffic, if i park there i'm blocking traffic coming in from howard, head out to park place, 45 north to park place make a left, make a right on poplar, then another right on inwood, on the left side, the duplex, is there a certain amount i'm supposed to pick-up, just made a payment on the phone, just knocked on the door, {10/21/2011} left a flyer, going to pickup the merchandise, close to the other rent-a-center
0-12-110 private security - apartments
0-12-113 ship cargo loaders - off the port side, captain, discharging, dock 2, barge, the yard
0-12-114 furniture/appliance rental - going back to the store, $100 cash, we don't even want his money anymore, wouldn't let me in to pickup
0-12-120 deliveries?
0-12-125 Rental Radios - at lonestar chevrolet in hempstead looking at cars, need assistance in the main ballroom, phone doesn't work in the airport, jimmy cooper how far are you, frankie how far are you, waiting for john, how many buses have you got there, king with a couch for his son it's a special room it's already been requested, something close to the elevator, light rail opening day activities "citywide 2", hp houston marathon 2004?, unit 91 en route times 2, unit 2 to unit 1, on that trip to the galleria what am i supposed to do, you just drop them off, they give us 1-hour notice when they want to be picked-up, is it $50 per person, no per person minimum, going to galleria or downtown it's per person, 10 to 12 cheerleaders will need to be picked up at the party, unit 5 should be able to handle he's going back to the hotel, taking speakers to the reliant center-VIP transportation (essence music festival 2006), Wings over Houston 2008 satellite parking and shuttles
0-12-126 Houston Marathon 2009? - that line running into the bathroom is not permanent is it, {10/24/2009} need to get the audio patched for that feed, front of house now, downstage center like to move the credenza to the holding area now, {1/22/2013} key-ups, {2/14/2013} key-up
0-12-128 wrecker service
0-12-130 furniture/appliance rental - the one was a disconnected number but i replaced that the other day, TV with stand, washer, hitachi camera, other items past due
0-12-132 catering service
0-12-133 exterminator - your seven twelve is pretty full, go ahead donny, base clear, price is 62, base to unit 6 come in bobby, will call, base to unit 3 donny, next touch-up she needs to clear out all of her cabinets, we'll put a note in the computer, number 12 is a will call, they games don't put her on the schedule, your stops, i was going to stop by and do a termite inspection, ordered engine for that spray rig, i'm about to write this ticket up, helped him get rid of the bird seed
0-12-135 dump trucks - talking about rodeo trail ride, i've got no tools
0-12-138 courier service - stop on your way up, regular, blue prints going to jones road
0-12-142 the store
0-12-145 there is nobody at the trailer, neighbor not home
0-12-146 Rental Radios - hp houston marathon 2004, need medical where they're giving out t-shirts, north vip officers come on in, houston marathon 2006, houston marathon 2009? roll up doors at C, goes to serving lines in the back
0-14-100 dump trucks - need another load of sand downtown, if someone calls we'll haul it
0-14-102 there's a 50 dollar check, took 20 dollars from it, on my desk, merchandise
0-14-105 plumbing contractor
0-14-107 going back to the store
0-14-115 ambulance service
0-14-116 ambulance service, apparently with 0-14-115
0-14-135 wrecker service
0-14-140 the light towers are going to be on f street, can't find the light tower, his name is not on the contract, how long was it out on rent, went out with 1066, it said 1154, i have the paperwork on total control, if it needs a PM one of us can go our tomorrow and get it, i would like someone to get signed off on those two light towers

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (2005) rental radio usage:
0-05-125 Satellite Parking
0-12-125 BBQ Admin

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (2006) rental radio usage:
0-10-112 Satellite Parking

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (2008) rental radio usage:
0-10-125 Satellite Parking
0-10-126 Shuttle Buses

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (2009) rental radio usage:
0-02-111 Livestock
0-10-125 Satellite Parking
0-10-126 Shuttle Buses