Houston 900 Network TRS

Houston, Texas

a.k.a. Texas Mobile Radio TRS. This system is no longer on the air.

Type: Motorola Type II
Site: Chase Tower

935.15    Voice          WPMI671/WPTJ223
935.6625  Voice          WPMI671/WPTJ223
936.2375  Voice/Control  WPMI671/WPTJ223
937.175   Voice          WPMI671/WPTJ223
937.7125  Voice/Control  WPMI671/WPTJ223
938.7125  Voice/Control  WPMI671/WPTJ223
939.75    Voice          WNWZ760?
939.9625  Voice          WPVX629

  560 private buses
  656 come back and get one more
 1296 price to replace 48 foot line from street to house, check grease trap
 1584 gasoline delivery
 1808 dump trucks
 1872 courier service
 1904 spanish/english
 2576 concrete delivery
 3184 trash service
 3216 spanish
 3248 spanish/english, concrete?
 3280 concrete delivery
 3536 forklift with leak, tire for tractor, couldn't find anyone to sign my ticket, lock the gate on the way out
 3568 automotive repair
 3600 wrecker service
 3632 chemical delivery
 3792 dining room, kitchen, lots of background noise
 3856 private buses
 3920 trash service? - spanish/english, transfer station, dumpster?, concrete?
 3952 he can dump on monday, we want be able to dump it today, he needs to go to the dump to dump, they're already in the computer
 3984 you put the loader on the trailer, loader won't start, fuel truck, back hoe
 4048 concrete delivery
 4112 spanish/english
 4208 ambulance service
 4240 data bursts
 4560 dorothy lee, let me see if i have a phone number, are you at the back
 4592 armored car service? - what's the red truck doing, 508, we're going to have banks open until later, heading north, transporting blood, leaving downtown southwest bank, i'm a couple minutes away from 909, tanglewood and san felipe, bank one downtown, get the change, 508, westchase, downtown, banks
 4624 601 see you next week, man running around over there who can't find the mail room see if you can help him, loading dock, security needs to let him in, down in the basement, up and running downtown, at cypress station, downtown, 1013, give me that job on memorial
 4688 private security
 4720 spanish/english, building security?, 1002 to 1001, backhoe?
 4944 spanish
 4976 make a copy of the packing list, come back and get your paperwork
 5040 private security - 10-17 shortly, 101 to 129, i'll 10-21 him at the house, 10-1 unreadable, 101 to 102, male subject from last night just took off from the property