NCAA Final Four 2016

Houston, Texas

TxWARN Public Safety Trunked

NRG Park


121.95MCSQDirecTV blimp to ground (operations)
123.025MCSQHelicopter Air-to-Air
164.4Rn 001Secret Service "Papa" Houston Field Office Primary
164.65Mn 001Secret Service "Tango"
165.375Sn 001Secret Service "Charlie"
167.3125Mn 167FBI
167.4625Mn 167FBI
170.675Rn 051ICE Houston 1
170.725Rn 653Federal Interop Houston Command
170.8625Rn 167FBI Multicast
171.4375Rn 653Federal Interop Houston Patch
171.6125Rn 167FBI Multicast
171.6875Rn 167FBI Multicast
171.9875Rn 167FBI Multicast
172.2125Rn 167FBI Multicast
172.2875Rn 167FBI Multicast - NRG Stadium
173.1Rn 167FBI Ch. H4 SOG
410.8Rn 798FPS Houston
450.2375SCSQNCAA Final Four concerts at Discovery Green? - TV production - director
450.7625Md 023TV production - director
455.7625Md 023DirecTV blimp to ground (TV production)
461.725R233.6Houston Downtown Management District
462.5125Rcc 8CSC Event Security (NRG Stadium)
462.625M146.2NCAA Final Four 2016 MusicFest related?
464.325Md 413Spectrum Concessions
467.6625Md 026FRS Ch. 12 - Downtown
467.875M103.55 Star Event Services
467.9M88.55 Star Event Services Ch. 1 Downtown
769.64375n 2937TAC52
769.74375n 2937TAC55
770.14375n 2937TAC53