NCAA Final Four 2011

Houston, Texas

NRG Park


123.325MCSQMetLife Blimp "Snoopy 2"
154.95M127.3Texas Law 2 (downtown, weak/broken voice)
155.475MTexas Law 3 (downtown, weak/broken voice, analog)
161.205M146.2Amtrak Police Car-to-Car (bomb detection canines)
165.825Mn 060ICE?
165.8375MCSQICE? DHS Common, downtown
167.1625Mn 650ATFE Tactical 1, downtown
167.2375Mn 167FBI Multicast - encrypted
168.7625Mn 167FBI Multicast - encrypted
170.375Mn 167FBI Multicast - encrypted
170.725Rn 653Federal Interoperability Houston Command (FBI Ch. L1)
170.8625Mn 167FBI Multicast - some encryption
171.2MDOE? NEST? downtown (analog voice, also P25?)
171.4375Rn 653Federal Interoperability Houston Patch (FBI Ch. L2) - tested but not used for interop
171.6125Mn 167FBI Multicast - some encryption
171.6875Mn 167FBI Multicast - some encryption
172.2125Rn 167FBI Multicast - some encryption
172.2875Mn 167FBI Multicast - units working at Final Four venues
460.225M123.0Houston Police Ch. A8/B8 Car-to-Car (setting up helicopter video downlink to GRB)
460.35R123.0Houston Police Ch. A7/B7 Special Operations (downtown)
460.375M123.0Houston Police Ch. B2 Tactical 1 (30-Y-xx units downtown, 79-Y-02 downtown, Reliant Park command post)
460.525R123.0Houston Police Ch. B3 Tactical (patched with 170.725, Reliant Park command post)
460.575R127.3Houston Fire/EMS Ch. A5 Tactical (GRB command post, Reliant Park command post)
461.0375Md 205NCAA Final Four Dribble
461.0625Md 223NCAA Final Four Dribble
461.1375Md 152CSC Event Security (Discovery Green)
464.325Md 732stage setup, production (Discovery Green)
464.4875Md 413vendor (Discovery Green)
464.6Md 072? (4/4/2011)