D & G Communications TRS

Santa Fe, Texas

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 1310 Ginger Road

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  452.1     WNEB211
05  ??
07  ??
10  463.7     WPAS561
14  463.575   WPJQ388
19  464.275   WPJQ388

0-01-002 just get paid, we can pickup the core tomorrow, i won't be back before 6:00pm, keep going pedal to the metal, the store
0-01-006 plumbing contractor
0-01-013 we're delayed on departure of ship until 0030, turn off breakers on bridge, total of 5 boxes, 4-foot long flourescent tubes, contact cement, key-ups, voice, over by the astrodome? how does this radio sound, make a copy and put it back on the boat
0-01-014 on board, ready to take off, ETA 0030
0-01-015 port side midship, SCBAs, off the ship inbound with 1 passenger no cargo, 3 people going out, commisary people, that vessel, montana sun no cargo
0-01-016 took valve cover off
0-01-018 spanish
0-05-250 open mic
0-10-023 voice
0-14-004 wrecker service? - one wrecked in the parking lot they want me to go get
0-14-006 concrete delivery? - over here at santa fe, got 40 yards and change, yard and half, kinda dry
0-14-008 heading up to hobby
0-14-010 the job site, like you're going to the rifle range, base camp
0-19-004 wrecker service - take car to canyon falls ct, league city
0-19-005 voice, at the hilton, 128 and i got 120 back, the one that heads up events at the agave ranch said they probably thought they were party favors, we're going to charge them, do you need any help loading in, i'm exiting clear lake city blvd now, i'm turning off the radio in this van

Probably bogus talkgroups:
0-15-006 open carrier with intermittent beeping
0-17-010 key-up