FleetTalk TRS (Downtown #4)

Houston, Texas

This system was formerly owned by Champion Communication. This system appears to be no longer on the air.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 1100 Louisiana Street
Callsign: WPOK479

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  454.05
09  454.25
??  454.3

0-01-111 private security - you want to switchover to 1
0-01-115 wrecker service - i think that's a false alarm, i don't see anything, on the katy freeway, i'll look at the key map, 7-zebra-10 couldn't find it either
0-01-116 appliance repair service - find out what the warranty is, if it's out of warranty find out what parts cost, kenmore dishwasher won't cut off, was setup for after 3pm
0-01-117 private security - 82 checking, 82 clear, 55 checking, 55 clear, 27 checking, 27 clear, 41 checking, 41 clear, go over to 2323 and check the alarm, jumped the fence and ran on harwin, on property
0-01-122 base out
0-01-136 construction equipment delivery - beacon, job site, yank lights off and put on other machine, is the customer there can you find out if they want to do an exchange tonight or tomorrow, that unit is in the katy yard it'll be awhile before we can get it out there, do not load your truck, 34 foot electric knuckle going out leave box blade off, clark construction 3800 north terminal road, head back to HLU, pickup two scissor-lifts in missouri city and relocate
0-09-113 courier service - operations (with 0-09-114)
0-09-114 courier service - back channel (with 0-09-113)