FleetTalk TRS (Downtown #3)

Houston, Texas

This system was formerly owned by Champion Communication.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: Wells Fargo Plaza

* channels in use as of 26-Aug-2011

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01* 490.9125  WIM394
03  490.6375  WIM247
04* 490.1375  WIM628
05* 490.0625  WIM468
06  490.4375  WPJR989
08* 490.3875  WIM339  (TRBO Connect Plus as of 30-Jun-2012)
10  490.2125  WIM577  (TRBO Connect Plus as of 30-Jun-2012)
11  490.6625  WPJR989
12* 490.5625  WIM317
15  490.2625  WIM238
16* 489.4625  WPPY833
17  490.8125  WPJR989
18  490.3125  WIM378
19  489.9625  WPJH424
20* 490.7375  WIM573   (TRBO Connect Plus as of 30-Jun-2012)

0-01-072 data bursts
0-01-076 wrecker service - {3/23/2013} vance services private investigation vance, i appreciate you man i'm going to go down here by santos and see what he got, yo mickey, joe, {3/25/2013} dispatch to 31, public service base
0-01-078 wrecker service (repossessors) - {3/23/2013} ETA 30 minutes, dispatch, we took too long, titlemax going to address on beverly hills, given address, apartment number, entering coral hills apartments, going to the door, 15 dispatch showing me 76, 15 on street looking for address, meadowchase apartments, velasquez account on nissan ultima is closed they paid, he already picked up vehicle about to be at the lot, negative on unit nothing in driveway going to the door, 31 to dispatch, that's clear 15, that's clear 21, 76 to wreck call 50 and highway 3, {3/25/2013} who is your partner, this is a land rover all-wheel drive, roll back has been notified, got the case number, 31 to dispatch code 4, 31 to dispatch i'm at the storage lot
0-01-102 trucking/courier? package delivered to wrong address, i'm back in, are you loaded, yeah i'm loaded rolling out of here, trailer, delivery, on highway 3
0-01-103 wrecker service
0-01-106 events on the roof
0-01-107 ambulance service
0-01-108 concrete delivery
0-01-111 construction - plumbing, i have to get boards for tomorrow, carpentry
0-01-113 data bursts
0-01-114 medical supplies delivery - pulse-ox, renter, at eldridge and I-10, barbara are you there, her house, tried to setup the nab, they have wheelchair from us but they're adding oxygen
0-01-117 wrecker service
0-01-119 wrecker service
0-01-120 wrecker service
0-01-121 courier service - that's the number of digits i need, you are at 3336 richmond right, did you just page me, they've got a phone at doctor's tidwell, they said the whole freeway is shutdown on the radio, st james 607, off beltway and chimney rock area, {12/19/2012} voice, {12/31/2012} 8 greenway plaza suite 606 that's our customer, on texas avenue, {1/3/2013} britmoore suite 110, go to smith international, {1/4/2013} 2 greenway suite 200, 1 north sampson street, pickup, {1/7/2013} voice, {1/8/2013} going to doctors hospital, signature
0-01-123 got the fax? it's coming through, counter has a split in it, skirting around the houses, 48 had water under the house from the water heaters they stole, 43 skirting has holes in it, double wide in the back
0-01-128 Pride Houston Festival and Parade 2007
0-01-135 wrecker service
0-01-142 trucking
0-01-143 courier service - 560 john, the page, 10-8 on willow place, roll that way i guess, let's go drop jack rabbit, 10-8 with joseph chirk, international plaza, en route, dropped the other one, got a page, that's a direct gotta hurry, 141, 10-7
0-01-160 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011/2012 - table left there in the middle of the median on montrose, it's a coffee table, {1/14/2012}
0-01-160 HLSR 2010 - Satellite Parking
0-01-160 Cinco de Mayo Festival 2010 at Reliant Center - {5/16/2010} meet and greet with prince royce, their performance time is 2:30 PM, they need to leave to the station to the event
0-01-160 HLSR 2011 - Satellite Parking {2/26/2011} 
0-01-160 NCAA Final Four 2011 - {4/1/2011} i'm on polk, "transportation office"
0-01-160 HLSR 2012 - Satellite Parking {2/25/2012}
0-01-160 {2/14/2013} test test
0-01-160 HLSR 2013 - Satellite Parking {2/23/2013} lot capacity counts
0-01-161 are you on it, just us
0-01-161 HLSR 2010 - Shuttle Buses?
0-01-161 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011/2012 - Ambulances - medic 4 we just arrived at GRB, need you to respond to CPR in progress, medic 3 dispatch, medic 2 dispatch, medic 5, medic 1, {1/14/2012} medic 3
0-01-161 Houston Press Music Awards Showcase 2010
0-01-161 Museum District Day 2010 Shuttle Buses
0-01-161 HLSR 2011 - {2/26/2011} have photographers for end of race come to VIP tent
0-01-161 Museum District Day 2011 - {9/17/2011} voice, four vehicles that might be problematic at natural science, my recommendation is that we get those vehicles towed, i'll get those cars taken away, monica to isiah, because we switched the route from witchita to rosedale have the bus drivers let the docents on the bus know
0-01-161 HLSR 2013 - Rodeo Run {2/23/2013} dunlavy, park on heiner or crosby, when do you expect run car to the start line, keeping my volunteers busy with compostable boxes will need some water, water division 2 doesn't have water, give you the vests, by VIP parking, water truck, water station 2, where is the ice trailer, water station 3 doesn't have water, need chairs at the information booth, start of race, water station 4, food booths at finish, start of 5K, 10K runners, steve mascovitz, late baggage drop off
0-01-162 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011/2012 - Medical Bike Teams - teams en route to CPR in progress, return to your posting area, bike team
0-01-163 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010?/2011/2012 - get bill down here, {1/14/2012}
0-01-163 HLSR 2011? - {2/26/2011} tell those cops to stop stopping traffic
0-01-163 HLSR 2013 - Trail Ride {2/22/2013} get somebody on your team available when the ride comes in get the flags, the ride coming in from the west, {2/23/2013} heavy equipment around while we're gone, send salt grass out they're fixing to roll, almost had them out of order i'm straightened out, prairie view is on the road, swapping to 6 abreast, don't think the rest of them have caught up, i'm at waugh drive on the south side, salt grass has made it to sabine, who's on memorial, i don't think we've got half of salt grass to memorial yet, marching band coming through now, someone stationed at allen parkway and sabine, police memorial, call 911, studemont and allen parkway, do we have riders coming back on sabine, send them across waugh to franklin, on allen parkway at sabine
0-01-164 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011 - GRB Convention Center - corral, your cart, volunteer booth, marathon finishers shirts, what frequency is mike on, got some questions about starting line, signs at baggage claim, check on the water stations, i'm going to get 10 cases of gatorade concentrate, van drivers are supposed to go back to the second floor, need trash pickup at end of condiment line, i tried him on GRB and on Start/Finish and i couldn't raise him, i got the clock and the key to the ticket office
0-01-164 HLSR 2011 - {2/26/2011} transportation need two more carts back at the floats, generator to drop off
0-01-164 HLSR 2013 - Parade support activities {2/23/2012} bagby, sergeant mark balin, scott anderson, need any help at front of the parade, need generator at travis and polk, mike jones, do you need a golf cart, getting A&M band, form-up is moving, need assistance with crowd, a people mover, dead cart, floats left, statoil is last one, setup for pick-ups from JRC, carl huff, bunch of horses getting spooked
0-01-165 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2012 - Medical Stations - report of a guy down with bad color, female fell and chose to continue you can go back to your station, {1/14/2012} runner requesting return for ankle injury
0-01-165 HLSR 2011 - Rodeo Run, medical
0-01-165 HLSR 2013 - Rodeo Run Medical {2/23/2013} van 2, walker and dallas at the starting line, van 3 to base, bike team 3 radio check, bike 1, van 1, 
0-01-166 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011/2012 - voice, wheelchair with a flag on it, i'm in the information booth, tanya at hall C, in front of volunteer food area, doors on north end of GRB, officers working inside are clearing at 2 o'clock, inside hall B doors, {1/27/2011} voice
0-01-166 HLSR 2011 - {2/26/2011} another trail ride not moving having trouble with a horse wagon, {1/14/2012}
0-01-166 {2/9/2013} test
0-01-166 HLSR 2013 - Parade Operations {2/23/2013} have it loaded on the cart ready to go, heading to hobby center to get parade entry list, city hall, get a parade list to mckinney and travis, russ porter, parade lineup, bus driver for sag buses following the runners he's blocked in, 
0-01-167 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010/2011/2012 - still on the marathon course, {1/14/2012}
0-01-167 HLSR 2012 - {2/27/2012} red, blue, need another radio battery, is it a bull, {3/3/2012} i'll start staging the outbound, after this last trailer hold up, livestock gate to exhibitor parking, can you send a cart over to take my guys to parking
0-01-167 {2/10/2013} test test test 1 2 test test
0-01-167 HLSR 2013 - {2/24/2013} livestock gate, stall assignments and hang tags, make sure ready to receive trailers, livestock gate can we get an estimate when we can release some trailers, we're going to start towing cars in 15-20 minutes, send the first 40 trailers, 288 this is zack in livestock ready for 20 more
0-01-170 data bursts
0-01-190 Chevron Houston Marathon 2010 - Tear Down - find a place to stop and we'll pull up these hoses, you said on university after you turn off main, have center corps guys with us, i don't know where to take them, back to the warehouse i guess
0-01-190 HLSR 2010 - cut back the committee, great working with you
0-01-190 HLSR 2011 - {2/23/2011} voice, {2/25/2011} Rodeo Express
0-01-190 NCAA Final Four 2011 - {3/31/2011} buses, red route, yellow, hilton, black route, blue route, {4/1/2011} GRB buses, route 9, switch over to the Reliant channel, purple route
0-01-190 HLSR 2012 - {2/22/2012} gold bus staging area, kim to wade, are you collecting the radios at the end of the night, kim you were supposed to end your run, 2 horizon drivers on your dry run
0-01-190 Bayou City Art Festival Buses - {3/24/2012} buses
0-01-190 NBA All-Star 2013 {2/14/2013} test, test, {2/15/2013} pick-up point traffic is really bad, take a look at the buses keep the nicest buses, want to use them for shuttles to the marriott, sam drivers, need them lined up next to the sands buses, any horizon buses, they've been swept though, i'm looking for the drivers, 6 horizon buses as media buses want them lined up first, don't send any minibuses out without talking to me, grb, express bus 216 is down, bus down at the omni need a bus to replace her
0-01-190 HLSR 2013 Parade Form-up - {2/23/2013} talking to trail ride guys, get marine band back down here, all high school bands are here, mcdonald's float over here said the parade provides a driver for the float, we don't have car number 33 and it's the parade committe float, international float, houston fire museum, 1 more banner person needed, move them up as far as you can get them to get the trail ride in
0-01-191 Chevron Houston Marathon 2011 - {1/29/2011} transportation for runners not finishing
0-01-191 {2/9/2013} test, 
0-01-191 HLSR 2013 - {2/23/2013} 
0-01-192 Chevron Houston Marathon 2011/2012 - {1/29/2011}, {1/14/2012}
0-01-193 Chevron Houston Marathon 2012 - {1/14/2012} volunteers can eat on the third floor or the first floor breakfast is on the first floor, people at check-in where do you want them
0-01-193 {2/13/2013} test
0-01-193 HLSR 2013 - {2/23/2013} we're over here at the center and someone asked us if there was a cab stand over here, {3/1/2013} key-up, {3/2/2013} delmar to satellite, {3/17/2013} key-ups
0-01-197 HLSR 2011 - {2/25/2011} Supervisor channel from 0-01-190, i'm switching back over to downtown, back to downtown
0-01-197 NCAA Final Four 2011? - {3/30/2011} voice, did you get the DVD, hold the first bus hold number 1 bus, did you let him go from the airport to staging, bus 1 and 2 is here and you want me to put it on hold, route 5 and 6 is here, RP to robert, start calling buses on the radio or my nextel because mark's is dying, route 7 has arrived
0-01-207 wrecker service - {1/13/2012} voice, {1/14/2012} spanish, {1/18/2012} spanish, friendly wrecker, {2/28/2012} spanish (radios in background), {3/18/2012} spanish, {4/30/2012} need a wrecker, {5/26/2012} spanish, no more wreckers
0-04-104 home medical supply delivery
0-04-105 spanish/english
0-04-132 wrecker service
0-04-145 concrete delivery
0-04-150 put in a new air regulator, want me to fix telserv, the laser is not fixed
0-04-159 wrecker service
0-04-161 private security
0-04-163 wrecker service
0-04-164 spanish
0-04-166 wrecker service
0-04-217 spanish
0-05-076 wrecker service
0-05-080 wrecker service
0-05-109 courier service
0-05-110 wrecker service
0-05-113 i'll finish my paperwork and head up there
0-05-116 wrecker service
0-05-117 {2/21/2013} get the sheetrock done first, i'll give him a call, sewer gases coming up, put a wet towel, {2/22/2013} spanish
0-05-118 courier service
0-05-121 voice
0-05-125 trucking
0-05-134 courier service
0-05-135 trucking - i need the paperwork, i'll leave it in the mailbox at the electrical company next door, they have to sign for it at the delivery point, maybe you can ride together, 6 crates, 2 boxes
0-05-138 wrecker service
0-05-141 private security (with 0-05-142)
0-05-142 private security (with 0-05-141)
0-05-144 ambulance service
0-05-190 asphalt paving - brief voice, think it's the mike, there's a spare one in the service truck, CB mike not a 2-way mike, you're dumping out, keep it in first gear the whole way, next truck to get loaded, go dump off first, let's go down to channel 1, lockwood plant, loaders, SEC plant, century plant, what's the tonnage, take that load, 3 more loads, there's no way he got 800 tons in one round, i'm loading now i'll head to magnolia, the plant, make sure the windows are clean, in the paver, leaving navigation now, FOB job, need to get it spread right, get loaded, that load to galveston
0-08-114 trucking?
0-08-128 spanish/english, he's supposed to be driving a company truck with a company radio in it
0-08-141 barge load/unload - spanish/english, backhoe, the warehouse, one more load, water truck, pressure washer, need exhaust manifold for 3-cyclinder, the docks, ship, 2 big piles on the dock, lot of dust, going to get the water truck, got a barge to load, got to get it out today, i'm crossing beltway 8, the warehouse, ship channel, jordan is in the office on dock 32
0-08-142 wrecker service
0-08-143 wrecker service
0-08-176 private security
0-08-177 spanish, "314"
0-08-187 spanish/english
0-09-127 {1/18/2013} key-up
0-12-076 {3/21/2013} key-ups, service for the radio check, radio service to the van service for the radio check, radio test 1 2 mobile handheld test hello office, {3/23/2013} channel 12 handheld to any mobile channel 12 handheld to any mobile, {3/26/2013} key-up
0-12-101 courier service
0-12-105 going to the scale now, getting loaded
0-12-108 wrecker service - {2/25/2012} i could set it down there but someone got to pay me, {2/26/2012} dollies, voice, {3/4/2012} 2920, need a wrecker right here on 45 come on
0-12-120 wrecker service - are you going to the storage lot, 249 and the belt, deputies gave up writing tickets, HPD will write your ass, wrecker with a crow bar
0-12-121 key-up
0-12-122 spanish/english
0-12-136 trucking?
0-12-137 wrecker service
0-12-138 she can deliver the bobcat to george in the morning, pouring concrete tomorrow, need finishing tools
0-12-140 heavy construction equipment - leave the gate open i'll be there in 45 minutes, top carrier roller, backhoe, excavator, he's working on that wire, the shop
0-12-141 channel 2, apparently with 0-12-140
0-12-150 Gulf Stream Marine, Greensport Terminal - control room just called they said go ahead, tail gate, air pressure, have to get a hand pump, we're doing this barge they got to do it tonight, first load was 80, second load was 79, third load was 78, 86,000 was the last one, whatever was left on the third railcar i put it on my truck because i was the last one, at the warehouse, dump it, {12/30/2012} english/spanish, the gate, clinton drive, have to come through the main gate, {1/3/2013} pick-up number, {1/7/2013} spanish, front of the building, get this material moved, greensport
0-12-151 furniture/appliance rental - she can pay tomorrow and pickup the laptop then but i told her you're coming to get it
0-12-152 you better find out where she lives and go get it
0-12-155 furniture/appliance rental - which apartment
0-12-156 {7/23/2011} come back to the store
0-12-157 furniture/appliance rental - voice, a refrigerator or something, tell deborah to start cleaning one of them, picking up money or merchandise, merchandise no money, need physical address for pickup, bunk bed delivery, picked up the fridge and the computer
0-12-159 furniture/appliance rental? - two TVs
0-12-162 voice, i'm thinking dining room set, she's going to pay the account, pickup the merchandise
0-12-164 furniture/appliance rental - snatch the the sofa and love, the truck, she's going to bring it in, pay her rent
0-15-101 wrecker service 
0-15-103 english/spanish, delivery
0-15-110 there was a lot of garbage in the background, yeah it was around the power lines at 90 i'll make a note of it and keep going
0-15-118 Warwick Hotel Shuttle
0-15-121 wrecker service
0-15-123 animal rescues
0-15-131 courier service
0-15-168 HVAC contractor
0-15-170 data bursts
0-16-102 wrecker service
0-16-106 ask if the tire that is regrooved is ready, another lift, it's not for ALS is it, this is 100, 100 to number 2 are you in service
0-16-111 concrete delivery - we need bicycles attached to the back of our mixers, at the job site, need to collect, have the superintendant call me at the plant i don't know why you don't have enough water for 3 yards
0-16-112 i have to turn around, i have the ticket number, i went back to the yard, i loaded up with top soil, tony is taking the mulch
0-16-114 spanish/english, i'm here, that delivery, customer on the phone how long, are you coming back to get loaded, the job site
0-16-118 exterminator
0-16-122 wrecker service
0-16-125 wrecker service
0-16-126 wrecker service
0-16-133 {2/4/2011} continental, headed over to apache
0-17-024 key-up
0-17-120 {1/24/2017} key-ups
0-17-243 voice
0-20-103 courier service
0-20-112 deliveries
0-20-114 wrecker service
0-20-123 wrecker service
0-20-124 ambulance service
0-20-125 lots of static
0-20-126 one item 12 pieces, national oil well, galena park yard is open
0-20-137 Holiday Inn Houston Airport Shuttle (IAH)