FleetTalk TRS (Downtown #2)

Houston, Texas

This system was formerly owned by Champion Communication.

Type: LTR Regular
Site: Wells Fargo Plaza

* channels in use as of 26-Aug-2011

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  489.6375  WPKP898
03* 489.5625  WIM410
04  490.8875  WIM410
05* 489.9375  WIM410
06* 489.6875  WIM410
07  490.1125  WIM410
08  490.3625  WIM332  not showing as free channel on 24-May-2008
09* 490.8625  WIM410
10  489.6625  WIM410
11  489.7625  WIM410
12  490.1625  WPKB717  not showing as free channel on 24-May-2008
13  490.3375  WPKP950
17* 489.4875  WIM410
19  490.9875  WPLT770
20* 489.8125  WIM410

0-01-128 wrecker service? - spanish
0-01-148 2008 Houston Pride Parade
0-01-148 {8/30/2008} go back to the garage because the person working that area is waiting for you
0-03-080 wrecker service? - {1/24/2017} voice, {1/25/2017} it's for tomorrow, {4/12/2017} voice, trying to get to the damn wreck, {3/10/2018} voice
0-03-101 US Lime Co? - unit calling "lime-co base", dump it, only needs 8 loads, job site, lime
0-03-103 dump trucks
0-03-104 courier service? - deliver it
0-03-105 {6/26/2011} test count, come back in the house
0-03-108 wrecker service
0-03-109 wrecker service
0-03-111 wrecker service
0-03-113 party rentals (moonwalk, slide, etc.)
0-03-114 private security, various apartment complexes (with 0-03-115)
0-03-115 private security, channel 2 (with 0-03-114)
0-03-116 somebody has one of the doors ajar more than likely it's the cleaning crew, it's going to take me awhile to get there
0-03-117 private security, channel 1 (with 0-03-118)
0-03-118 private security, channel 2 (with 0-03-117)
0-03-121 concrete delivery
0-03-122 wrecker service
0-03-125 courier service
0-03-126 wrecker service
0-03-129 wrecker service (with 0-05-129)
0-03-130 wrecker service
0-03-132 radio check, {6/5/2011} is there bad weather over there
0-03-133 {6/4/2011} can anyone hear me, can you hear me, i'm beside you, can you hear me
0-03-134 wrecker service
0-03-137 Paradise Group Cemeteries
0-03-138 Paradise Group Cemeteries - {1/8/2011} voice, {2/12/2011} for a member, {5/30/2011 (Memorial Day)} voice, {9/17/2011} voice, {2/11/2012} voice, {3/3/2012} voice, 10 o'clock church, {3/31/2012} they have a service, {8/4/2012} another service behind us, {8/25/2012} voice, {12/28/2012} voice, {1/13/2013} service for monday or tuesday, {1/18/2013} on the work order, {2/26/2013} i had to leave jason at paradise north, hey jason can you call your dirt man and see if needs any dirt and if he does go over to cemetery beautiful, {2/28/2013} hole, open up to see if anything in there, you at north, that awning company, the cemetery, they already measured, {3/7/2013} on those services let jesse lay them out
0-03-195 wrecker service?
0-05-102 inspector has items on punchlist, cement problems
0-05-103 wrecker service
0-05-104 wrecker service
0-05-109 courier service
0-05-117 armored car service
0-05-118 {2/22/2013} check radio
0-05-119 home medical supply delivery
0-05-123 go straight to S&S, i'll hit will call at S&S, on my way to the shop, everytime i go through webster they want to pull me over because they know i drink, tune-up parts, drop them off there, {1/3/2013} wasn't able to find it, IPD, i'll go by IPD, grab IPD and come on in to worldwide, {1/4/2013} you already did mustang, on my way to houston truck, base to amber, 10x10x15, cox hardware, {1/7/2013} mustang, worldwide, bring it back to the shop, {1/8/2013} whole back of my truck is loaded up, it's just one filter for jim, 15710 JFK, see katrina on 7th floor, back to the shop, {1/21/2013} voice, {2/22/2013} continue my route, williams brothers is the gate next to it, where else do you have to go are you going toward 290, i got some more pickups out there towards 290, leaving william brothers, i got them strapped down, going by beasely tire on your way back, 
0-05-124 i don't know her number, {4/1/2011} that should have been in a big box, i have a little box but it's not heavy, {12/31/2012} voice, {1/3/2013} honk the horn maybe they're inside otherwise get a cup of coffee and go back, this is tiffany i'm done, i have a 13405 which i should have looked at before i left, come on it then, firestone, going to baytown ford, i'm in pearland, from russell's, {1/4/2013} catch them on the way back, something leaking under my truck, 780 normandy, family auto center they got some kind of pick-up, aamco, auto solutions they're still not open, write the time on the ticket and come on in, texas coastal pick-up, leaving sterling, no room to throw your parts just put them in thursday, {1/18/2013} looking at the ticket wrong, bring invoice back we'll collect whenever, {1/21/2013} there's a white building first door there is a ramp drop it off with the dispatcher, look at the time on the ticket
0-05-125 wrecker service
0-05-126 spanish, {5/26/2012} key-ups
0-05-128 wrecker?
0-05-129 wrecker service (with 0-03-129)
0-05-132 plumbing contractor - {5/24/2011} as long as we're all making money, he told me to charge $150, {8/22/2011} i came back to the shop between calls, did you cut as much sheetrock as you thought you would, 3 feet of hot water line that was the one that was leaking, copper, i couldn't tell which one was hot and cold, they had a union from copper to galvanize, i changed the one on the water heater i changed 10 feet
0-05-139 exterminator
0-05-140 construction
0-05-143 you have a pickup from the japanese restaurant, want to go across the street, {4/9/2010} ready for pickup
0-05-144 HVAC contractor, channel A (with 0-05-146)
0-05-145 HVAC contractor
0-05-146 HVAC contractor (with 0-05-144)
0-06-108 HVAC contractor
0-06-109 data bursts
0-06-112 wrecker service
0-06-118 spanish
0-06-120 wrecker service
0-06-123 plumbing contractor - pilot out on water heater, water closet doesn't flush, headed back to the shop, water faucet runs continuously and tub stoppage, water closet leak, kitchen faucet
0-06-125 private security
0-06-127 key-ups
0-06-128 wrecker service
0-06-129 wrecker service
0-06-130 wrecker service
0-06-131 101 i'm clear, possible severe thunderstorm coming in with hail, get your truck under the canopy, i was going to wait for the cleaning crew to get here
0-06-134 trucking
0-06-135 wrecker service
0-06-137 private security
0-06-140 wrecker service
0-06-141 container shipping
0-06-143 security? radio checks with several units, base using cancelled callsign WPKU309
0-06-147 spanish/english, hispanic juvenile with possession of marijuana, 3xx units
0-06-150 day care bus
0-06-153 wrecker service
0-06-155 HVAC contractor
0-06-157 wrecker service
0-06-192 the shop, 150 black, {6/14/2011} voice
0-09-108 plumbing contractor - {3/8/2013} unit 9 to unit 7 how much longer to get to the gas tank, 4 miles to go by GPS, it's a 3/4 male adapters going to the unit itself, cut it down to the floor and run a copper transition, we're going to have a filter, 1 hose is long and dirty, water heater, got the water heater ready to come down you want me to go to the supply house and get copper and PVC, got water heater out of attic, {3/9/2013} unit 9 to base, spanish
0-09-111 trucking
0-09-113 wrecker service
0-09-114 wrecker service
0-09-115 wrecker service
0-09-117 wrecker service
0-09-118 wrecker service
0-09-125 wrecker service
0-09-126 wrecker service
0-09-127 base to unit 1
0-09-128 i'm on westheimer
0-09-129 gasoline delivery
0-09-132 wrecker service
0-09-135 wrecker service
0-09-145 propane delivery? - giving update on texas a&m/mizzou football game, wire on the floor, i'll tie it up, 1 pickup or 2, i'm heading back to the shop now, i'll see you when you get here, how about you base, what flavor of beer do you want me to get and put on ice for you, get some bud light, departing conroe high school, {12/5/2009} there was broken glass all over the backyard and pool when i went to pick it up, about 5 years ago when we first got that house, on your way downtown, justin is on his way to cypresswood, {2/20/2010} arrived at longwood, {10/2/2010} they're restriping the lanes, {12/18/2010} blue tape on that heater don't remove it supposedly it didn't work last night, {1/25/2011} number of cylinders i had going out, going out to beaumont, i'm waiting for one of my best drivers to get back, {8/26/2011} ten thousand hours on a yale forklift, i'll call yale, it's as good a shape as the first forklift we had, {1/3/2013} departing wholesale roofing no gas needed, arrived franklin belt, arrived at tractor, departing..., arrived produce row, {1/4/2013} arrived at exxon, little woodrows, 933 oxford address on my paperwork am i delivering to residential, can you get to the backyard, there's also a BBs in the area, little woodrows rice village second attempt still nobody there, just skip them, arrival woodrows in the heights, departing thompson delivery, departing bayou city wall, {1/5/2013} departing woodrows rice village, {1/7/2012} departing lopez, owens corning, terry production and visible changes, terry productions off hazelhurst, you're looking for a house at 933 oxford they did a catering event, made that pickup for you, {1/18/2013} departing stage 3, departing laurenzos washington no gas needed, {1/21/2013} arrived thompson delivery, departing quantum, {2/19/2013} arrived GM freight, 350 base, {2/21/2013} deparing FW walton, {2/22/2013} have them look at the blower motor, salvation army, 350 to base, {3/8/2013} headed up to conroe yet, i loaded 20 20-pounders
0-09-152 appliance service - compressor, what size, a large or small compressor, daniel, large compressor, the kingwood call on forest row i'll be there in an hour, gate code, 45 closed at nasa road one, i forgot to tell you they still have a balance on their credit card on that 489, ok paul i'll take care of it, part number, two appliances, refrigerator and what else, front loader
0-17-076 wrecker service - {3/23/2013} hey that private investigator do you still read me on this net, that truck came out real good, every district 4 wrecker came and looked at this truck, talking about i need to get those overloads, so you can pickup that heavy weight, i towed them, you riding around with your radios on how do they sound, {3/24/2013} key-up, {3/25/2013} 529 and eldridge, i don't know how he passed inspection on that truck
0-17-078 {3/21/2013} key-ups
0-17-095 wrecker service - {8/20/2012} disabled vehilce, hook that thing up and get it out of the road, wreck was supposed to be at veterans
0-17-108 wrecker service - voice inversion, {11/29/2012} key-up, {12/4/2012} voice, {12/29/2012} voice, bad starter on it, bad battery in mine, sitting at the chevron 290 and 6, let's roll, {12/30/2012} find that wreck
0-17-114 private security - units calling "central," show me arriving, noise complaint
0-17-115 wrecker service - {9/17/2012} humble PD, tow it, BMW
0-17-116 wrecker service - {1/23/2010} voice, {2/5/2010} high or neutral which ever way, {2/10/2010} i wish i could drive two trucks at the same time, {2/17/2010} i got a prisoner got it at westheimer and the belt
0-17-117 courier service - {4/20/2010} pick-ups, {5/28/2010} regular collect, direct
0-17-118 landscape supply delivery - {1/16/2010} spanish, {3/28/2010} anyone hear me, {5/26/2010} spanish, {6/19/2010} spanish, {10/30/2010} to the front for a customer, loading the truck, {11/13/2010} 2 trucks to preload, {2/12/2011} voice, {5/21/2011} loader, only needs 2 yards of top soil, {8/26/2011} do i have to collect, she said she would leave a check there or something, {11/19/2011} truck in the back he's going to take a yard of shredded yard wood i wasn't going to charge him, {3/31/2012} she'll show you where to dump she wants it in the back on the side of the driveway, {12/30/2012} spanish, {12/31/2012} spanish, {1/3/2013} spanish, {1/7/2013} spanish, {1/18/2013} can you send somebody to check both tanks please, {2/23/2013} spanish, what is supposed to be red, the plant bark is the wrong color, the red the regular one, so you already dropped it, try to talk the lady into taking it or shovel it back into the truck, {3/8/2013} he wants mulch, compost, load of soft soil in front of the office
0-17-119 wrecker service - {5/8/2010} voice, {5/9/2010} voice, {6/5/2010} voice, that was a lee wrecker driver trying to say i was late, fast tow both of them be out here, {6/18/2010} 4200 san jacinto behind the fiesta, 3100 cleburne lady broken down at TSU
0-17-120 pool service - what's the zip code, customer, leaving here and going to roberts, keep the gate closed there is a dog in there, what are you doing to that pool, dorsey house, the pool, conduit, spare pump, en route to the shop, portable pump, add water to the pool
0-17-125 the county chip will be in the truck
0-17-131 Texas Protection Services - where you at, i'll call her when i get there to let her know, 100 to 101, our first contract, talk about assign units numbers, who was our first, i'll work the flea market, couple of officers, this contract is crucial to us you have to be on time, sign in front of the hopsital says pharmacy, next to the doctor's hospital, need to get her firearms training, she'll go to the range with you, make sure people know how to shoot well, hang out until she leaves, {7/1/2012} voice, code 4, 10-4 (hearing one side only, where is the other side???), charlie romeo code 4, 10-4 charlie romeo, on post already, that's clear, charlie romeo code 4, 45 code 4, charlie romeo code 4
0-17-134 wrecker service
0-17-137 we'll get a used tire and a used wheel and try to work it out
0-17-140 is he buying the part for this truck, i'm still working on the truck, when will you be back to the office, don't forget to turn your paperwork in, 1x2 is rotten, fascia is damaged, that job, julio let me know when you finish that gutter cleaning they're at they're last job
0-17-149 wrecker service
0-17-153 private security, 5xx units
0-17-154 going back to dispatch, 5xx units (with 0-17-153?)
0-17-156 private security - we had that glass break over there, i was waiting over an hour for the key holder to get there, $25 fine to the last person in the car if i find ashes in anyone's car
0-17-160 data bursts
0-17-187 Microsoft Convergence Conference? buses - if they want a ride to the convention center they have to go to the westin galleria, at the crowne plaza, bus coming from george r brown right now, i need a bus the derek, i have guests waiting, at the doubletree we have not had a bus come by since 11:30, hotel 31
0-17-187 {2/28/2015} voice inversion, {3/1/2015} voice inversion, {1/16/2016} voice inversion
0-20-105 unit 3 to canary club, used wrong bulbs, voltage, 11 clear, i'm on way to mason
0-20-109 courier service
0-20-110 spanish
0-20-115 wrecker service
0-20-117 wrecker service
0-20-120 vehicle is not here
0-20-121 dump trucks
0-20-125 plumbing contractor
0-20-129 wrecker service
0-20-131 wrecker service
0-20-133 courier service