Baytown Communications TRS (490 MHz)

Houston, Texas

a.k.a. Net Wave Communications TRS

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 3 Allen Center

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  488.9625  WPLU555
03  490.5125  WPLP284
04  489.6     

0-01-006 rapid beeping
0-01-070 did you get the tires put on
0-01-085 Texas Patrol (private security) - can you copy me, radio service, texas patrol portable can't get out, the unmarked one runs good, big tommy, aldine express come by tonight pickup envelope behind desk drop off at hampton with bruce, young kid at the desk has it, drop off at the hampton before midnight it's paychecks for the guys over at the hotels, they fit the impala perfectly
0-01-105 radio service for radio check
0-01-133 wrecker service
0-01-141 wrecker service
0-03-006 lots of beeping
0-03-041 spanish/english
0-03-052 switch over to baytown, talking on jimmy, anybody hear me
0-03-105 trash service
0-04-133 wrecker service