Baytown Communications TRS

Katy, Texas

a.k.a. G C Global TRS

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 25423 Stockdick School Road

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  452.6125  WPNZ807 
04  451.225   WPNY288
07  452.175   WPNY288

0-01-055 ambulance service
0-01-130 {3/29/2014} ...ticket number 2854
0-07-021 key-ups, {1/4/2013} voice, {1/6/2013} gas to the cylinder but there's like a diaphragm inside that cylinder that's not pushing the valve open and closed, {4/14/2013} ...i have loaded
0-07-031 wrecker service - 82 dollars cash, at daniels going to A plus, i'm on the way, paint going to collision, collision going to paint, tow, VIN number, land rover
0-07-055 ambulance service