Baytown Communications TRS (460 MHz)

Houston, Texas

a.k.a. G C Global TRS

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 3 Allen Center

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  451.275  WPNS412  (conventional simulcast on 453.0)
02  451.875  WPNS412  (conventional simulcast on 461.075)
04  452.7    WPMW477  (frequency no longer used; now used in a NXDN system)
05  461.05   WPNS412  (conventional simulcast on 461.1)
06  462.5    WPNS412

These frequencies appear to be a separate system:
08  451.65   WPNS412
10  ???
12  ???
14  461.075  WPNS412  (frequency no longer used; now used in a NXDN system)
16  461.1    WPNS412
??  452.125  WPNS412  (now used in a NXDN system)

0-01-001 Radio Maintenance
0-01-011 system 1 reporter 1 alarm, system 1 reporter 1 alarm, morse, system 1 reporter 1 clear, system 1 reporter 1 clear, morse
0-01-015 spanish, transmission very broken up
0-01-054 1328, smells gas it's a leased meter need you to go out there, 325, leak meter in montgomery account number on simonton, {1/18/2013} key-up
0-01-057 {4/14/2012} unloading now, {4/21/2012} voice, {4/28/2012} voice, {5/5/2012} voice, i'm fixing to pick up another joint of this drill pipe do you want me to take it to the same place, {5/19/2012} voice, {5/26/2012} the right of way, {6/9/2012} two cradles, so those guys can get it welded on, that concrete bridge back there, inside the yellow gate, {6/23/2012} to the right of way, flaggers on genoa red bluff, got to go back to the test trailer, heading out of here and dump truck said they're going to get the gate for us, {6/30/2012} at red bluff, {10/11/2012} service truck, fuel filter, failed today, send somebody over on dixie farm road, {3/1/2013} how about you gene on metro
0-01-058 wrecker service
0-01-059 ambulance service (BayStar EMS?) - show us en route, patient, facility called to make sure you had the right paperwork, show us on scene, unit calling dispatch
0-01-060 volume knob, check a disturbance, that's clear 15, key-up, looking for a girl that's 28 years old, out in the boonies, mason road
0-01-061 auto parts delivery - {1/3/2013} headed to last stop, go through to 13, 10-4, carla, {1/7/2013} back at the store, {1/11/2013} go to cavalcade, linda, almost back to the store, customer here for the distributor, {1/21/2013} go to 19, shocks, what am i picking up, go straight to axle, muffler last stop
0-01-062 voice, {5/26/2012} call me at the store
0-01-063 wounded dog at hammerly and gessner, key map, red rock canyon, evaluation, out on seymour key map 374Z, 106 to base, is this a paramedic call, {8/25/2012} voice, pipe, load it on the float
0-01-064 how long until you get here, i haven't crossed the baytown bridge yet
0-01-066 wrecker service (repossessors) - customer we are looking for is age 55, no good lead where he is living just somewhere in houston, re-pos, do you need PD out there, give me a second, what kind of car, that is the plate i pulled it up for you
0-01-067 wrecker service
0-01-068 {11/13/2011} keyed-up with car chime, 10 miles from there, 2 miles from the end of the run, 10 miles from the end of the line, {12/17/2011} voice
0-01-069 10-15, new AAA call same car same address
0-01-103 open mic, DTMF, voice
0-01-106 HVAC?
0-01-109 trucking
0-01-110 trucking
0-01-111 DTMF, {5/19/2012} DTMF, voice
0-01-126 voice, that's where i got mine from, from the truck
0-01-127 i'm a certified forklift operator, {5/1/2011} voice, {9/17/2011} DTMF key-up
0-01-254 DTMF, {5/17/2010} voice
0-02-004 auto parts delivery - near store, any orders to pickup from store to deliver, no one to sign check, bring part back, goodyear belts, power steering, delivering tires
0-02-007 they're taking lunch now, they're only getting an 1/8-inch per hour out of there, at the shop
0-02-009 wrecker service
0-02-010 trash service
0-02-011 phoenix 3 to dispatch, call 701 on landline
0-02-012 phoenix 1 to dispatch on houston channel, phoenix 7, completed at george r brown back in area, show us en route, st catherines ER to HCPC
0-02-015 trash service
0-02-016 wrecker service
0-02-017 barge loading/unloading - left tank, right tank, when fuel runs out you're done, the yard, three or four trucks out here, {5/21/2011} 58000 metric, 65000, it's got talc on it, got land grade, standard grade, two barges, you say this has got talc on it too, 20 metric tons of it, 3500 of talc
0-02-020 english/spanish, plumbing?, crushed concrete, walk through at the job on beechnut, move the piles of dirt, storm sewer and sanitary sewer tie-in, permits, pipe, manholes, number 11 pump 11, let me get this wrecker driver where i want it
0-02-053 concrete delivery - english/spanish, must be doing some corrections down there in the tunnel, pump, pouring water in, ticket number 352, bring it in as quick as you can, 4.5 yards, ticket number, wash out and i'll be 10-9 your location, get this job poured out
0-02-063 {4/13/2017} voice
0-02-196 {1/13/2013} key-up
0-04-001 ambulance service?  with 0-04-012?
0-04-005 auto parts delivery
0-04-012 American Medical Response (AMR) Ambulance
0-04-052 {10/1/2010} voice
0-04-056 private security
0-04-057 private security
0-04-059 ambulance service - 202 clear TCH en route back to base, come back to base, 198 in service, {5/28/2010} don't read patient's name over radio
0-04-063 pick-up two motors and take them to texas electric
0-04-066 {heard during Hurricane Ike} we've got a 50 mile range from the tower, phone lines are down so we use the radios, AT&T cell and Verizon are down, the land line came through, calling you now, continental flight 261, 10-4 am i taking him, {4/26/2009 iFest 2009} alex is off ryan is off, i want to get to the multipurpose room, put your vendor thing on your dash, we have to circle they got it blocked off, i'm on this track, just show your badge, i got that paper, that's what i meant by badge, park on the right-hand side
0-04-070 spanish - the correct channel
0-04-073 spanish
0-04-077 private security? - spanish/english
0-04-109 concrete delivery
0-05-004 auto parts delivery - spanish/english, make it into a charge ticket, wrecker?, auto repair, have them bring it over, you have a starter for tamez, order the fuel pump, give me the part number, at beltway 8 and highway 90, it's a $310 sale, NTB, part
0-05-005 can you hear me now
0-05-006 wrecker service (Clear Lake area)
0-05-008 trash service
0-05-009 can i fill it, one of our tanks, {1/3/2013} base 27 21 26, base 21 27 28 26, 21 26, base 27 21 26, 
0-05-050 courier service - i'm empty, summit, bayou electric, signature on the ticket, out of my truck for a minute, north shore supply pick-up, national hose, going to worldwide parts
0-05-055 key-up
0-05-063 Houston SPCA? - 97 now 98 from avenue D keymap 611, 101 to base 97 at dartmouth field keymap 611, animal, she was going to keep an eye on the animal, sam houston parkway
0-05-066 {3/21/2012} mike alpha 3 let me know when you're down with your assignment, S5 go ahead, mike alpha 2 mike alpha 3, alpha whiskey dropped off, alpha 3 with your echo tango alpha, what's your ETA, {1/8/2013} mike alpha 3, the 1299 is a wash only just an express wash they don't clean the inside, 10-4, {1/8/2013} arrived, break mike alpha 1 mike alpha 3, copy, go back to office or residence, 600 jefferson, can you tell on satellite, building across from kellogg tower, i'm at the right place, {1/18/2013} mike alpha 2 mike alpha 3, down in the lobby on my way up, be on the lookout for mike hotel, {2/22/2013} key-ups, {3/8/2013} arriving at base, {3/13/2013} package delivered, down at alpha 3
0-06-001 barges, dock, the scales, trucking?, been getting good buckets lately, bulldozer
0-06-006 concrete delivery
0-06-056 4xx units
0-06-079 voice, spanish
0-06-253 keyed-up open mic
0-07-254 DTMF, voice, erroneous/intermod?
0-11-238 brief voice, erroneous/intermod?
0-15-225 {4/14/2013} key-up, bogus?
0-17-107 brief voice, erroneous?