A & B Communications TRS

Houston, Texas

Type: LTR Regular
Site: Highway 288 south of Holmes Road
Callsign: WPME548

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  451.825
??  451.975
??  452.45
??  452.5

0-01-001 Radio Maintenance? - moore saltwater disposal hooked-up, ask him if he got any pages off both of those alarms, trip one of them again whichever is easier to get to, we have an alarm on the board waiting for it to call out, looking good you can shut it down, test counts
0-01-007 spanish/english, giving directions, sugar land, missouri city, the derrick, 533, liberty
0-01-009 farm - about 150 pelicans down there, the pelicans are coming down with the cold front, tell who ever is coming on next to be watching for them, i'll leave the gate open for you, i got my first water turkey, we'll see if he needs a backhoe or a dozer to dig that hole, he poured 3.5 today, 2 we'll push posts in and pour them tomorrow, how do you pour half a slab, remind me to never have him do a house slab, gonna go see if sarah fed the coon, i see the truck by the shop, i'm near the feed bins, ask him to feed the animals, i'm still in houston, watching a newborn calf, i'm in rosenberg right now, our fish, selling fish, he delivers into new orleans, make sure they get held at right temperature
0-01-014 Moore Saltwater Disposal? - firewall, getting oil off of it, lot to do, unit calling victoria base, they had a salt water leak over there, i'm headed back to the shop, they want 2 trucks in the morning to finish up, 1 pump truck to wash, this is 4089 andrew, i'm going to take the rest of barrels of salt water and dump it, working tri-william taking fresh water be on location at 7:30, this is andrew headed back to alvin yard, come in dunn, caution light mike, giving directions, 288 to victoria base dispatch, salt water oil, headed to yard to get salt water in my tank for tomorrow, i'm trying to call ticket numbers in, did you load your salt water yet, ticket number xxx ending mileage for tri-union, another for tri-union long unit, are you on the houston system, i'm taking the pump truck
0-01-015 data bursts
0-01-016 data bursts
0-01-020 taxi - 2700 12th street, she's outside the hospital on a payphone, pickup the van, pick her up now or she's going to call someone else, 1803 sycamore at the hair salon, live oak
0-01-027 farm - giving directions, that's where the new chicken houses are, if you pass the elevator you've gone too far, wait to do that shaft on that motor, you can put a new motor on that one for the spreader, giving flying instructions to an aircraft
0-01-030 radio service radio test, this is radio service for radio test 1 2 3, 515 to 502 where you at, {1/8/2013} key-ups
0-01-040 key-ups, radio checks
0-01-207 computerized voice said "welcome to cell 54"
0-01-253 morse